Happy Easter, Metuchen!

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MEF Spring Fundraiser Great Success

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Metuchen Education Foundation held its Annual Spring Fundraiser on March 28th at the Metuchen Inn.  The event was well attended, with an amazing selection of silent auction items!  There was also wonderful music by members of the Dave Grossman Trio.   One of the evening's highlights was a live, jazz music-inspired, painting created by talented Metuchen-ite, Easton Davy.   MEF is very grateful to everyone who attended and supported this fundraiser. 

100% of all monies raised fund projects that focus on improving education in our community.  All donations made to MEF go directly to the Metuchen Public Schools through grants given to teachers.  These MEF grants offer teachers the opportunity to enhance their regular curriculum with innovative ideas that otherwise might not be funded.


If you missed this fabulous event, please consider attending future fundraisers sponsored by MEF.   Stay informed of all MEF activities, by becoming a "friend" of Metuchen Education Foundation on Facebook.  Also, tax-deductible donations can be made by visiting the MEF web site at www.metucheneducationfoundation.org

Lemelson Grant Funds New Maker Space at Public LIbrary

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The  Friends  of  the  Metuchen  Library  are  honored  to  announce  that  it  has  received  a  $50,000  grant  from   The   Lemelson   Foundation.   The   grant   will   support   K-­12   science,   technology,   engineering   and   mathematics   (STEM)   programs   at   the   Metuchen   Public   Library   to   inspire   innovation,   invention,   and   entrepreneurship  in  the  sciences.  

This  grant  will  allow  the  Metuchen  Public  Library  to  upgrade  technology  within  the  library,  to  purchase   new   books   and   materials,   to   create   a   Maker   Space   center   for   creativity   and   innovation,   and   to   offer   programs   in   mathematics   and   robotics.   Sondra   Flite,   President   of   the   Friends   of   the   Metuchen   Library,   noted,  "This  grant  from  The  Lemelson  Foundation  provides  invaluable  support  for  our  mission  to  create  a   21st   century   learning   center   at   the   library.   We   thank   The   Lemelson   Foundation   and   family   for   their   generous  endorsement  of  our  mission." 

Susanna   Chan,   Director   of   the   Metuchen   Library,   adds   "I   would   like   to   give   my   most   sincere   thanks   to   The  Lemelson  Foundation  and  family  for  their  generosity,  and  to  the  Friends  who  work  tirelessly  to  help   the  Library  to  achieve  its  goal.  This  grant  provides  us  with  the  opportunity  to  transform  the  Library  into  a   place  where  children  and  young  adults  explore,  connect  and  create." 

Dorothy Obropta provided the introduction to the family and Alisa Schleif of the Friends was able to go in and pitch the project to the family. The grant will also fund the completion of an homage to Lemelson and his work via a permanent stained glass piece commissioned to local glass artist Amy Brooks. The space will be immersive, educational and beautiful.

Jerome  Lemelson  (1923-­1997)  was  a  prolific,  independent  inventor.  In  his  lifetime,  he  was  awarded  606   U.S.  patents.  The  family  continues  his  legacy  by  inspiring  and  promoting  invention  education  projects  all   over   the   world.   "Our   family   has   proud,   deep   roots   in   New   Jersey   and   Metuchen.   It   is   a   privilege   to  provide   funds   for   the   Maker   space,   as   the   library   works   to   inspire   citizens   interested   in   invention,   science  and  engineering,"  said  Dorothy  Lemelson,  chairman  of  The  Lemelson  Foundation.  

The   Lemelson   family   has   a   permanent   home   in   the   hearts   of   Metuchen   residents.   Dorothy   and   Jerome   Lemelson   were   Brainy   Borough   residents   for   many   years.  Their   sons,   Eric   and   Robert,   attended   Metuchen  schools.  It  is  this  personal  connection  to  Metuchen  that  makes  this  grant  particularly  special  to   the  Friends.  

For  more  information  on  the  Lemelson  Foundation,  visit  http://www.lemelson.org      

 For  more  information  on  the  Friends  of  the  Metuchen  Library,  visit  http://www.fotml.org   

Happy Passover, Metuchen!

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Kabbalah Melody.
Here we have a story for the world,
A tale of justice served and freedom won,
Principles of goodness, universal,
Printed out on stone by God's own hand.
Yes, the past was bloody, and the old
Promise was by faithlessness undone.
And wonders ceased, memories turned brittle,
Shadows fell, and love turned into land.
Still, the story breathes the air of words
Old and new, a tale not writ in stone,
Vast as the hard history of a people
Ever changing, ever one, a grand
Recital running through time's glass like sand.

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   270 Woodbridge Avenue, Metuchen

Phone: 732 491 2240  Email: cns@fpcweb.org

Website: communityns.org

Now Registering for September 2014

Full-day kindergarten - NEW for September

4-hour AM Pre-K - NEW for September

Classes for children 2 ½ and up

Flexible schedules

Valet drop-off

Snacks provided

Ample parking

Convenient downtown location


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Free Tree seedlings will be available to Metuchen residents in the month of April as a part of the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign.  This program helps communities replace trees damaged or destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

From 10am to 2pm on Saturday April 19, 2014, residents will be able to pick up tree seedlings at the Metuchen Senior Center Parking Lot.

Seedlings, available on a first come first served basis, also come with instructions on how to store, care for, and plant them.  The guides help residents chose the right place on a property to plant a tree while keeping in mind the tree's full-grown size in the future.  Residents should plant the seedlings within two days after pick-up in order to prevent the roots from drying out.

The goal of the Tree Recovery Campaign is to distribute over 500,000 tree seedlings to NJ residents over the course of the next 5 years.  It is a joint effort between Metuchen, the New Jersey State Forestry Services Community Forestry Program, The State Forest Nursery, New Jersey Soil Conservation Districts, Sustainable Jersey, and the Arbor Day Foundation, FedEx, and BJ's Wholesale Club provide financial support for the program.

When properly planted and maintained, trees can be assets to a community.

They improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood or business district, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.

If you have any questions please contact Councilwoman Rasmussen atdrasmussen@metuchen.com

letters_about_lit_2014.jpgEach year, the Library of Congress's Center for the Book sponsors a contest called Letters About Literature.  Students are asked to write letters to the author of a favorite book, telling why this book inspired them.  This year more than 2000 New Jersey students submitted letters for this contest.  Three sixth graders at Edgar have been recognized for writing outstanding letters.  April CalishJackson Costello, and Megan Shen received honorable mentions in the 4th-6th grade division and will be honored at a reception next month.


Photo (from left to right):  Jackson Costello with Lois Lowry's The Giver, April Calish with R.J. Palacio's Wonder and Megan Shen with Grace Lin's Dumpling Days  and their ELA teacher, Ms. Kovacs.


Municipal Alliance's MAGIC SHOW Friday April 25th at Campbell

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SIGN UP NOW for Childrens Programs at the Library This Spring

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St. Luke's On Good Friday

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CQE Scholarship Apps Available for MHS Seniors NOW

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Citizens for Quality Education (CQE) is offering $1,000 in scholarships for Metuchen High School seniors who have challenged themselves with a rigorous high school curriculum.  At least one award will be for $500. All eligible students are encouraged to apply.  

The criteria for determining the winners include following a challenging curriculum and appreciating its benefits.

Eligibility:  Any Metuchen High School senior who has a GPA of 3.6 or higher and who has followed a rigorous curriculum, which includes some honors classes and at least one Advanced Placement course in 11th or 12th grade.

To download an application for the scholarship, go to: http://metuchencqe.org/cqe-scholarship/

Completed applications should be returned to MHS Guidance Counselor Mrs. Leigh Hanbridge by May 12, 2014.
The Easter Bunny is coming to Lollipopland Metuchen tomorrow! 

Follow the Bunny from the Town Easter Egg Hunt to the Lollipopland Metuchen store on Main Street!

SAVE 10%, too!


On Saturday ~ April 12th 
from 9a~12p 
(Right after the Town 
Easter Egg Hunt) 
Take Pictures, Free Lollipops, Save 10% 
On Our Screen This Weekend...Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 Sunday @ 3pm
What does it mean to be a performing artist - first, last and always? Broadway legend Elaine Stritch can answer that. 

And: Opening On Stage  June 19 thru July 20 "DAVID MICHAEL FINKELSTEINS BAR MITZVAH" A Hilarious New Musical by Sue Fabisch (author of Motherhood the Musical). Directed by Peter J Loewy. You know that group of relatives you don't want to invite, but you have to anyway? Well, they're all her in this riotous original musical comedy. All backed a 3 piece band
Thursdays thru Saturday @ 8pm Sunday Matinees @ 3pm Tickets $35 with discounts of 20% for groups of 10 or more!at www.forumtheatrearts.org or by calling 732.548.5600 And NO. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy... "DAVID MICHAEL FINKELSTEINS BAR MITZVAH"


Metuchen High School's Keaton Weidmaier is working on his Eagle Scout project, doing some rehab on the front of the Old Franklin Schoolhouse. How is he planning to spruce the place up and how did he choose this as the focus of this long-range project? Keaton told MM all about it.

How long have you been a Boy Scout? How do you become an Eagle Scout?

KW: I've been a Boy Scout for about 4 years, and a Cub Scout since I was in first grade. To become an Eagle Scout, you have to successfully complete the requirements of the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. Then you have to complete a project and get 21 merit badges.

What is the Eagle Scout project in general? Is it a community service project? What does Boy Scouts expect you to do in order for them to acknowledge and approve your project?

KW: An Eagle Scout project is a long lasting, community benefiting effort. The general consensus of what the average project is something that doesn't benefit the scout directly, lasts for a long time, and is something that the community will welcome.

Why did you choose the OFS as the focus of your project -- and in what way are you working to raise money to help it? What will the money be used for?

KW: To be honest, I chose the Old Franklin School (or Borough Improvement League, which is the technical name) because it was [a good fit]. Fundraising-wise, I've been helping out at BIL events, doing things like making and selling food. The money will be used to install a picket fence around the front of the building, build an information kiosk, and restore the Old Franklin School sign. If you drive by the school, you'll notice that the sign is gone. I'm currently giving it new coats of paint.

Why did you have a connection to this as a possible project? What need did you see that you wanted to fill?

KW: I had a connection to this project from my scout master, who suggested it to me at some point. As for [what] needed to be filled, it was just how old the place looks. Some TLC was all it really needed, so I figured the best place to start was on the outside.

Will you be documenting the project as it moves forward? In what way?

KW:  I have a website dedicated to updating the world on my progress (link below).

Good luck, Keaton! We will all enjoy the spiffed-up schoolhouse when you're done! Thanks for taking the time to help improve a Metuchen landmark.

Check out further info on the project at this link.


This week, MM has another look at another great teacher at Community Nursery School, thanks to Audrey Kowalski. Let's look at Susan Williams.

Susan Williams is a teacher of 2 ½ and 3 year-olds and has been a valued member of the team at Community Nursery School since 2007. Often she is a child's first experience with a teacher other than a member of the family. (We all know that a parent is a child's first teacher!) Her loving patience and genuine care and concern for each of her students help everyone make a smooth transition to preschool.

Susan allows each child time to explore the classroom to find what interests them, listens to what each wants to tell her, and helps them enter into play with the other students. Socialization is the primary goal of the entry level classes.

As these young students grow in confidence and ability, Mrs. Williams adapts the activities to hold their interest and challenge them. Matching games and puzzles help build fine motor skills; water and sand table activities and outdoor experiences develop a natural curiosity and interest in science.

Mrs. Williams and her family enjoy winter snowboarding, summer boating and playing with their dog.

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