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Pancake Breakfast Raises Money for Habitat for Humanity Trip

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Summer 2014 Update

Thank you!

We wanted to take a moment at the close of the summer to update you on the final numbers from the Fuce 5K.  We can't say thank you enough to all of you who ran/walked/bought a bib as we sold over 1,200 and between registration fees and sponsors raised over $70,000. The continued and growing success of this cause is a testament to the very big heart of our extended community.  The Fuccile Foundation strives to continue to help those in need in the Metuchen/Edison area and you can learn more about just a few of our families by clicking on this link Fuce 5 Families

Another way to help and have fun!

On Wednesday, September 17th at 9AM at Fiddler's Elbow Country Club in Far Hills, NJ, friends and co-workers of Mike's will host the 7th annual Michael Fuccile Memorial golf outing.  All proceeds from this outing will benefit the Fuccile Foundation.  This event presents a wonderful annual opportunity for Michael's family, friends, co-workers and all contributors (his extended family) to spend quality time together remembering Michael as the special husband, father, son and friend that he was, and to celebrate his life. To learn more follow this link to the registration form: Golf Outing Brochure


Thank you again for the continued support!  We wish you a safe and pleasant Labor day weekend.  Best of luck to all of our younger racers as they head back to school.

The Fuccile Foundation 

Hazy Souls release Party August 29th

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New Montessori program opens on Lake Avenue

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The Kids Theater Experience is a unique private acting/theater studio for children grades 3-10 that focuses on the role of the actor and has become a successful Metuchen institution.  The children take group acting lessons concentrating on the technical aspects of the voice, body and mind while learning how to tell, relate to and react to a playwrights story.  As they enter their sixth year, actors/professional musicians/instructors/co-founding partners Ann Marie Mullen and Beth Lucas add new skills to the program in order to accommodate the needs of both the new student and the progressing student. Who is looking for exciting new challenges in performance? Check out the new schedule of classes available.

The Kids Theater Experience Studio,

2014-2015 School Year - Revised Class Times
Monday - 3rd-5th grades - 4:30pm-5:30pm
Monday - 7th-8th grades - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Tuesday - 5th-7th grades - 4:30pm-5:30pm

Tuesday - 9th-10th grades - 5:30pm-6:30pm -Advanced Only

Wednesdays-Thursdays - Private instruction - Advanced Only


The Kids Theater Experience is going into its sixth successful year of servicing Central NJ kids who have all different levels of acting skills.  It has grown to include important and productive connections to the professional world of the NYC theater and East Coast film scene for some of our students and stretching the social and academic skill levels of other students.  These skills make each child a real and  believable young actor, whether in showcase performance or in a professional situation.

Fair Trade Resolution Passed July 21st

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With the proposal from Marafiki Fair Trade and its proprietors, Linda Koskoski and Deb Zupan, the idea of Metuchen becoming a Fair Trade Town became a foreseeable reality. On July 21st, an official resolution was passed by the Council and makes the designation of Metuchen as a Fair Trade Town one step closer to reality. Congratulations to the Brainy Boro for taking such a big step towards contemporary progress in trade!

Resolved by the Borough Council of the Borough of Metuchen, as follows:

That WHEREAS, Fair Trade is an innovative market strategy that promotes fair labor practices and healthy, safe work environments through the production of food and other goods; and

WHEREAS, Fair Trade provides producers with fair prices that translate into livable wages; and

WHEREAS, production of Fair Trade goods is achieved through sustainable and

ecologically friendly means, thus contributing to the future of a healthy planet for all; and

WHEREAS, as consumers, referring to individuals as well as private and public entities, we all have a responsibility to be aware of the impact that our consumption has on the communities that produce the goods we purchase; and

WHEREAS, we consumers have a voluntary choice to make such purchases of Fair Trade goods; and

WHEREAS, we recognize that supporting our local economy by purchasing locally and ethically produced goods and services is in keeping with the values of Fair Trade; and

WHEREAS, the Borough of Metuchen has the opportunity to lead by example and present a model of social responsibility for other towns and cities to follow;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that when purchasing goods for the Borough, the of Metuchen of Metuchen will consider procuring local and Fair Trade products when those products are available, meet applicable City standards, and are comparably priced to the alternative; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this City Council encourages the members of our community to do likewise; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Borough Of Metuchen and visitors to the borough will gain a greater understanding of what is and what is not Fair Trade, in order to make educated decisions; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Borough Council supports Metuchen's initiative to become a Fair Trade Town.

Thumbnail image for graf.jpgCheck out this article and send congratulations to Ken Graf for winning this battle for himself and all the other coaches who still have so much to give when they step out of the classroom for the last time. BEST OF LUCK, KEN!
A notice came to MM through Facebook today regarding the proposed stadium at St. Joe's. Their athletic program is renowned but new construction is always a concern for the neighbors. Karen Blanchard of Metuchen sent in the following to encourage neighbors to come out to the Zoning Board meeting on Thursday, the 14th of August. If you are concerned, the Metuchen Zoning Board agenda is here: http://www.metuchennj.org/ZB_agenda/2014/ZB_Agenda_20140814.pdf

The notice reads as follows:
"Fellow neighbors of WILLOW RD, APPLEWOOD CT, MILLER DR & TURNER CT St Joe's would like to build a football STADIUM and is looking to do it with exceptions and waivers to current zoning requirements. This has the potential to become a headache for our neighborhood Please attend the Zoning Board Meeting TOMORROW THURSDAY -- AUGUST 14th @ 7:45pm BORO HALL Let's hear what they are proposing, express any concerns you have (PARKING -NOISE-TRAFFIC) and make this a win-win for both our neighborhood & the school. SHOW UP, ASK QUESTIONS, & SHARE YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER OTHERWISE THE BOARD TRULY CANT MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION. THANK YOU!

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