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Parking Authority Minutes and Meetings Info HERE

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The Parking Authority meeting agendas for March 17th and April 21, 2015 have posted.

Click here for March 17, 2015 agenda.

Click here for April 21, 2015 agenda.



The Parking Authority meeting minutes for January 20th, February 17th and March 17, 2015 have posted.

Click here for January 20, 2015 minutes.


Click here for February 17, 2015 minutes.


Click here for March 17, 2015 minutes



Metuchen native Quinn Shephard is shooting her original indy feature BLAME here in town this summer and is putting out a call about needed crew and cast members for the shoot. Here's her Facebook notice:

"Hi all! Any NJ/NY crew, volunteers, extras, etc interested in working on BLAME, please INBOX ME on this page! Additionally please inbox me the best way to contact you.

Our projected filming dates are 6/17/15 - 7/8/15, but that may be adjusted to fit actors schedules so please note your avail between 6/15/15 and 8/15/15...

Please indicate in your message how you would like to participate. (i.e. extra, featured extra with at least 8 day commitment, craft services, assistants for crew, hair and makeup, wardrobe, props, publicity, set decorating etc...)

If you know anyone that would be interested in volunteering for this project, please have them reach out in the same manner. I am open to new recruits!

If you are interested in extra work, PLEASE ONLY CONTACT Andrew Sherwood at Andrew.Sherwood200@gmail.com or through Facebook at the BLAME extras page on FB at the project. This is an ultra-low budget UNION shoot so there is no payment for PAs or extras.


For some information on Shephard, who won the Rising Star award at this year's Garden State Film Festival, click on this link. Her IMDB profile is here. 

Free Painting Class with Ed Wetzel May 2nd at LIbrary

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'Make Your Drawings POP with Perspective!' 
A FREE ART DEMO on one and two point perspective by Ed Wetzel. Participants will draw a landscape utilizing drawing aids (to be provided) Ages 14+. Families welcome! To pre-register: call 732-632-8526 email MetuchenLibrary@gmail.com

Where: Metuchen Public Library.
When: Saturday, May 2, 2015

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Colby_4_Photo_by_Pat_Rubin.jpgMichael Colby grew up in and around the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, where the Round Table writers and raconteurs conversed for decades and he was serenaded by Ella Fitzgerald herself. His book, THE ALGONQUIN KID, is about to launch and he will be reading at To BE Continued on April 29th. MM asked him a few questions about his life that are not discussed in this recent New York Times article. Check it out!

What prompted you to write the book NOW?

NOW turned out to be the ideal time, with the Internet making it so easy for me to research and consolidate information.  In addition, as my grandparents' generation has passed on, I felt it incumbent on me to gather family history while there were still relatives to delineate the facts.   Adding to the authenticity, I've been fortunate in having kept diaries since I was 18 years old, to evoke and verify family history.   Nonetheless, my family history included some turbulent times at my home in Long Island.   That and sadness over lost family members made me question whether I had the emotional wherewithal to objectively achieve my three goals:  (1) provide a chronicle of the Algonquin Hotel in years not previously covered (from 1946 on); (2) narrate a family history (since my family's past includes fascinating facts beyond just the Algonquin, including ties to the Gershwin family and the musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF); (3) tell the story of how I, as a real-life counterpart to Eloise of the Plaza (my middle name is even Elihu), navigated my own way into the world of theatre and the Arts.

What was pivotal in the development of the book was a venue whereby I could "test the waters."   That venue was a series of articles via the online website www.theaterpizzazz, thanks to its editor, my wonderful friend Sandi Durell.   I knew, after a year of relating my experiences, I would be capable of finishing this history in book form.  BearManor Media made an offer to publish, and I gratefully completed my goal.


When did you realize that you were surrounded by some of the most iconic figures in the arts and entertainment field by living there?

I lived something of an insular life, where for years, I just assumed it was normal to be surrounded by famous people.  Where I was especially fortunate was observing the balance sheet of people in the Arts, both those on the rise and those on the downward spiral.  I realized the importance of humility, knowing brilliant but selfless icons like Maya Angelou and Thornton Wilder.  I also recognized the folly of vanity, observing former celebrities whose egos became their downfall.

There are still seats available for The Metuchen Senior Center bus trip to Resorts in Atlantic City, Tuesday, April 28th leaving from Edgar School parking lot 9AM and returning at 6:30PM. The cost is $25 per person and includes a return of $25 in slot cash. Not limited to seniors but you must be over 21 years of age. Reservations with payment must be made in person at the Metuchen Senior Center, 15 Center St. Call 732-632-8524 for more info.

Neve Shalom Open House May 6

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Open Letter from Resident About Street Safety

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April 16, 2015

To Metuchen Matters:

Last night I attended the Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting where

the Street Smart NJ program was explained.  It was great to see such a dedicated group working on these issues of major importance to Metuchen.

I went to the meeting because of my frustration with how difficult it is to be a pedestrian in our small borough. I want to share some of the statistics presented at the meeting that seem shocking to me.

In Metuchen between 2011 and 2014, thirty-two crashes involving pedestrians resulted in pedestrian injury. There were two pedestrians killed.  SIXTY PERCENT OF THE CRASHES OCCURRED WHILE THE PEDESTRIAN WAS CROSSING IN A MARKED CROSSWALK.  Sixty-three percent of the crashes occurred during daylight hours. In New Jersey, the pedestrian fatality rate is nearly double the national average.

These statistics show that we have a major problem with pedestrian safety in Metuchen. Isn't it time for a change in how we view the importance of pedestrian safety in our community? If increased enforcement means hiring more police for the job, we as a community should demand that this be addressed. How much does a life cost? How many more people will be injured or killed simply trying to take a walk in our small town?


Maggie Glynn

Metuchen Rec Summer Classes List Is Out! RIght HERE!

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Metuchen Recreation Commission Summer Classes (9 pages of Information!)
earth day flyer.jpg

7th Annual Fuce 5K Run/Walk Registration form HERE

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From Peace Islands Institute:MIMI.jpg

Peace Islands Institute (PII) and JFK Medical Center's Pastoral Care Department are organizing the 6th Annual Value of Women in Our Community Program, this year entitled "Recognizing Prominent Service and Contributions of Small Business Owners."

Recognition awards will be presented to: Mimi Tenglei of Metuchen and Deniz Ozyildiz of North Brunswick. This event will be held at JFK Medical Center's Conference Center on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 4 pm. There will be live Turkish music by Aslihan Erkisi, plus the Rainbow Children's choir and Turkish food as highlights of the event. This event is open to public, men and women, who are interested in local diversity programs. Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends.

About PII:

Peace Islands Institute (PII) aspires to facilitate a forum of mutual respect and collaboration, both welcoming and accepting varied viewpoints and voices with the intentions of developing original and alternative perspectives on vital issues that our society is facing, of generating solutions to these issues, and of supporting successful practices, thus promoting education, friendship and harmony and acting as an island of peace for all peoples in a society of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. 

Contact Peace Islands Institute | 777 Terrace Ave, Suite: 109 Hasbrouck Heights NJ 07604

Tel: (201) 426-0689    Peace Islands Institute is a peace building organization


Cuts for a Cause Returns

Get a Great Haircut and Contribute to the Fuccile Foundation

Need your Spring haircut? Come on down to Razorsharp Barbershop & Shave Parlor on April 26th between 9AM and 3PM! All proceeds benefit the Fuccile Foundation!
Razorsharp is located at 569 Middlesex Avenue in Metuchen.
A big thank you to our friends at Razorsharp for donating their time and talent!

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