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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for MetEMSpatch.jpegREFLECTIVE VEST CAMPAIGN

The State now requires that all EMS workers reporting to an accident wear a reflective vest. Our squad does not currently own any. In order to meet a fast approaching compliance date, funds were diverted from within the budget for some vests and volunteer members absorbed this expense for others. The total spent was over $400.

According to Chief of Operations, Brandon Purcelly, who is responsible for implementing the compliance requirement, "the reflective vests that Metuchen EMS has ordered are high-visibility American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 207 compliant vests. In addition to being ANSI compliant, they also feature an extra "zip and rip" safety feature that, if the vest gets caught in a moving object like a car, will actually rip off the person as opposed to dragging them along. We opted for this because it adds to the safety of the vests for our members, and because we feel it will be the next feature mandated by the government."

We are fortunate to have a professional all volunteer squad in Metuchen. These folks not only offer critical medical services, but have been available time and time again for the scouts, schools, and other groups. Please consider a donation.  DONATE ONLINE HERE

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SAVE THE DATE:    Dec 14th is Breakfast with Santa (8 am - 1 pm)

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