Middlesex County College Offering New Honors Programs to Help Students Enter Four-year Colleges

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Middlesex County College officials announced plans today for an honors program to make students more competitive when transferring to four-year colleges and universities.

The program will officially launch next semester with three courses. Students with either a 1,200 on the Scholastic Assessment Test or a 3.5 grade point average can take advantage of this program, which strives to offer greater opportunity for more innovative teaching.

These new elements would include ancillary activities to enhance learning; provide additional community-service opportunities for students; attract and retain higher-achieving students and increase public awareness of the value of a MCC education,  Mathew Spano, co-director of the honors program and professor of English, was quoted as saying in the Star-Ledger today.


Students can take one honors course, a departmental program (that includes three courses)  or eventually all honors courses, which will equal five courses.


Mythology and Literature, Political Thought in America and English II (Writing About Survival) will be offered on the honors level in the spring.


Ten other NJ county colleges already have similar honors programs as part of their curriculum offerings.

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