Update: Rutgers Fires Athletic Director

NJ.com had originally reported that Rutgers Athletic Director Bob Mulcahy was stepping down effective after the Scarlet Knights December 29 bowl game against North Carolina State.  However, Mulcahy issued a statement later saying, "I was asked to resign.  I have not offered my resignation."  Now NJ.com is reporting that Mulcahy was fired by the University Wednesday afternoon.  The termination comes on the heels of a special committee report that admonished Rutgers for allowing the Athletic Department to run itself without oversight.  Mulcahy is still owed 2-1/2 years on a deal worth approximately $400,000 per year.

The question for many is, what does this mean for Rutgers football?  Most of the problems the committee found with the Athletic Department and Mulcahy were football related: special perks for Schiano, the stadium expansion, the elimination of other sports with the monies being diverted to football.  Will this turn to Schiano next?  Will Schiano stay if the stadium expansion is not completed?  His contract has a clause that allows him to opt out if it is not.  Mulcahy hired Schiano and they remain close; their relationship was one of the reasons Schiano turned down offers from more prestigious programs Miami and Michigan the last two years.  With Mulcahy gone will Schiano stay at Rutgers the next time a more a bigger "football school" comes calling?  If does he leaves can the program sustain its current level of success without him?



This is McCormick (RU President) covering his own ***. I don't think Mulcahy's actions were that bad. But any wrongdoing by the Athletic Department should also fall at the feet of McCormick for not monitoring them.

This is the beginning of the end for the football program. Mulcahy was as much if not a bigger reason than Schiano for the success. With him gone I don't think Schiano stays, especially not if Penn State comes calling in the next year or two.

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