Tour Cancelled? Santa and his fire truck not making the rounds this year

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He seemed to arrive on our street at crazy times - bedtime, dinnertime - but when the sirens and lights got louder and brighter, the kids would spring up and often run outside with pjs and snow boots to see the show:  Santa and the fire truck making rounds through town, waving and delivering bags of penny candy.  Santa, the truck, the neighbors - also outside in pajamas, up later than usual - I'm not sure if I could say which gave the biggest thrill.  But it seems this small town tradition has been called-off this year.


We're trying to determine if the reasons are financial, volunteer-related, or due to lack of general interest and will report about what we learn.


It seems the folks at Boro Hardware will make sure kids can see Santa and the truck.  You can visit him there on the 17th and 18th from 6-8 pm (raindates the 22nd and 23rd). 

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Maybe they just want to save on gas.

This way the kids will get another opportunity to climb around in the fire truck and talk to the firefighters. My kids always want to do it, even though they have done it many times. And they love to see Mr. Jason.

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