Call Out for "Green" Musicians

Local area resident and senior editor of the Sustainable Times radio show, Mark Boutros, is looking for "green" musicians for the show:

Attention "green" musicians! Sustainable Times wants you. Sustainable Times is a bi-monthly 30-minute radio show and podcast produced by The City University of New York (CUNY). It is part of a new initiative to lead the way to a sustainable future--one in which energy and other resources are used in ways that assure they're availability to future generations--while promoting local musical artists interested in furthering the green cause. Musical artists of all stripes have been featured- from small independent artists to big names acts like Guster and folk legend Pete Seeger. 

Why does CUNY want musicians from Metuchen and its environs? Because sustainable initiatives begin locally, but involve everyone. Beyond that, many of the production staff of Sustainable Times are commuters from outside the five boroughs, just like much of the NYC workforce. Laurie Reilly, the show's host and producer resides in Connecticut, Dawn Spicer, News Producer in New Paltz, NY and the show's senior editor lives right here in Edison, NJ. By the way, that last person is me.
Bringing in music from our communities is part of the philosophy of the show. When asked about bringing in artists from the greater Tri-State area, producer Reilly didn't see a problem. "Musicians and music are the natural bridge to attracting a larger audience." 

The show is part is part of a larger commitment to New York City to reduce the University's carbon footprint by 30% over the next decade. With more than 400,000 students, 298 buildings and 26 million square feet of land, the project is a challenge. CUNY already is one of the top 10 US universities in its use of energy from renewable sources and is dedicated to investing the resources necessary to construct, retrofit and maintain more sustainable facilities. CUNY is incorporating sustainability into the University's fabric by integrating it into procurement decisions and the curriculum, and by supporting research and partnerships with civic and business leaders. 

The show is available 24/7 at CUNY iTunes U (, as well as on CUNY's campus radio stations and, where you can subscribe.

Subject matters range from economic and workforce development to energy, research, policy, health and entertainment. Recent shows have included celebrity activists Daryl Hanna and Ed Beagly Jr., Mark Aubry of Smith Electric Vehicles on the advantages of electric commercial trucks, and Michael Martin, "Prez" of MusicMatters on engaging artists as well as fans to help save the environment.

But it isn't all about heavy discussions, Reilly assures. "It doesn't all have to be super-serious. Sustainability shouldn't be one section of your life, sustainable actions should integrated into your daily life." Music plays an important part of the show format. Aside from promoting green musicians, Sustainable Times is working on offering rewards to listeners such as free music downloads.

If you are a green musician and want to support the show while promoting your music send a link to a sample of your work to and put "Sustainable Times Music" in the subject line. But if you are like me and can't carry a tune in a bucket, Reilly says not to fret. The show also features a "sustainable tip" segment, which gives advice to the musically talented and deficient alike.  "The domino effect of one sustainable action...makes a difference. Do something each day." Reilly says.

Mark Boutros is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Television and Radio at Brooklyn College and is senior editor for Sustainable Times. He is also a resident of Edison, NJ and can be frequently spotted pacing on the platform of Metuchen Station.


Hi Mark,

I tried to send an email to and it was sent back.
Is there another email where I can send you some of my material? Thank you!!


Yes, but we define "green" rather loosely. Your songs don't all have to be issue oriented and your guitar doesn't have to be made from recycled tires. If you believe that the issue is an important one, feel free to submit some music.

Are all of the artists that are used for the opening segments "green"?

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