Police Vehicles Get LoJack Locators

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Thanks to officer Dave Liantonio's grant application, the LoJack Corporation installed locator systems in four of the police department's eight patrol vehicles this past Tuesday, for free.
The systems, worth about $2,000 each, respond to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the computer dispatch system used by the state to track stolen cars. When a car with LoJack is stolen and reported, NCIC logs the car into the system and police vehicles with the locating device will beep if they are near the stolen vehicle. The beeping becomes louder and quicker the closer the police car gets to the stolen vehicle (think: you're getting hotter!).  
Capable of reading LoJack signals within a two mile radius, the locators will not only help find cars stolen within Metuchen but will track cars stolen elsewhere that just happen to be in Metuchen.
Sayreville police were able to uncover a chop shop in their town after installing the same location devices.  State Police helicopters have similar systems that can track a much wider range, as they read directly from air to ground without landscape interference.

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