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You've probably heard the story by now but this NJ family has three children:  Adolf Hitler Campbell is 3, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell is 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell will turn 1 in April.  These are the folks who made national news when they tried to get a "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" birthday cake made at a Warren County supermarket.  
DYFS removed the children from the home for undisclosed reasons.


I think that person was referring to the posts about a Metuchen resident that were deleted.

Racism and classism (is that actually a word? Doubt it) only reside in others are just kidding themselves.

How many liberals believe that conservatives are stupid? Most believe that is actually a definition. How many conservatives believe that liberals are dangerous, wacked out people?

All races, all cultures harbor racism and problems like it. Immigrants come here and import their way of thinking, long time residents have their way of thinking.

Those that talk of "others" in terms of racism need to get a clue. It is everywhere in one form or another. It resides in everyone. No one is "enlightened" past it.

I think America does the job of fighting this better than most countries. Did it go away just because Obama was elected? Of course not. It will never go away. The only way to keep things fair is to be aware of it and not be afraid to talk about it.

Just like Obama said, talk about it in the light of day.

Oh, right, because the healthy stream of information about the school district, homeschooling, bussing and such don't have anything to do with kids? Children's issues for this town are addressed just fine on this site day after day.

Apparently we can only talk about children who don't actually live in Metuchen.

These parents are disgusting

I feel sorry for their kids

Absolutely gross


Can't comment about that - union rules.

A few years ago, I went to a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial event here in Metuchen, where a town official referenced our 'long history of diversity and tolerance'. Those nodding in agreement didn't know about (or acknowledge) certain things: for example, the cross-burnings in town - not just in the 1920s, but in the 1970s, the fact that the "N" word is carved in the pavement outside the tobacco shop on Main Street (yes, I've told the MPD), the "White Power" sticker I've seen on a car parked at Friendly's, and the anti-Asian Indian remarks I've overheard far too often lately. Etc.

Granted, I only moved here in the late 90s, so someone can debate me on the overall history of the town. But my point is that a lot of people are in denial about how prevalent bias still is. These Warren County people may be an anomaly in terms of how much press the 'birthday cake' incident got, but unfortunately there are more of these people around than polite people are willing to admit - some of them here in Metuchen (believe it or not). So, yes, this is a Metuchen matter, even if this article doesn't have to do with those trees or proposed/denied development.

Yes there is something, those in charge do not want anything recorded or any kind of paper trail. This way they can always deny.

Nothing is stopping them from making audio recordings of the meetings.

Good job Teri on this. Moving on you know what I would like to see? An interview with owners of the new South Main Street "Metuchen Massage" Parlor that is about to open and have them explain what type of business they are doing and what makes them different from the others before them in Metuchen that were closed down, so we do not get the wrong idea or maybe we have the right idea and they should be closed down.

minute are not recorded electronically, only by hand. So the minutes are subject to not be completely accurate.

I love the articles that are about Metuchen. We need more of those. There is a lot going on in Metuchen that people should be informed about, for which there is NO OTHER SOURCE. There are 16 boards and commissions in addition to the borough council and the board of education, all of which are taking actions that may affect Metuchen citizens. Hardly any of them post the minutes of their meetings on the town website, and even for those that do, the minutes provide but a hint of what occurred at the meeting.

There are countless sources for non-Metuchen news online.

Teri - I think those questioning your reason for this article need to take a look out of the box and realize that there is life outside of Metuchen that we all need to be aware of. I for one had not heard this story until I read it on MM. I am sure it is not easy to come up with articles on a daily basis and I think MM is doing a great job! Basically if someone does not like an article they do not have to read it. I don't understand why they felt the need to complian about it or question you. Keep the articles coming.

Terri you are correct in doing so. We need to talk about these things. It is societal actions which will correct these problems not the state of New Jersey. Which if you pay close attention in Trenton pays about large sums of money in no-tell settlement payments to end lawsuits for legal actions taken that should never have transpired. I hope this case does not prove to be another one.

While it may have gotten bumped due to Metuchen news, I see this less as a current-events piece than a scary reminder that in towns everywhere, near or far, hatred lives. And once again, innocent children are its victims. When I look at the parents, I can't help but wonder what hatred they were raised with and now, among other things, their children have been taken away because of it. Just meant to offer something to think about.

I agree with CinC. We should discuss the topic. I do not think much of the people involved, I do not like their politics but I will reserve judgment as to what our state did until the facts become known. However, I will say this I want people fired from state employment if it was determined that the children's names were the basis for removing them from the home as much I despise Neo Nazi's. It is not your business or my business or the state's business if a bunch of fools mark their descendants like that. The way you stop racism is through education and changing the mores of society and avoid using force which is exactly what these kind of people want you to do and therefore play into their hands. Too many of you are too young or absent of history to realize that New Jersey and New York had large numbers of KKK (about 12,000 kluckers marched in a Long Branch NJ parade) around 1920 and Bund members (Nazi's) flourished by the thousands with Charles Lindberg during the 30's in Long Island. If you have to ask who is Lindberg that says it all. Where did they go? Believe me WWII did not get rid of them only time did. Practice democracy, it is the best weapon against racism and hatred that I know of.

This story happened months ago, not sure why it is posted now. Teri, any reason?

I don't condone the naming....but I wonder how many kids are being named after Osama bin laden ? And I bet the authorities would never have the guts to say a word about it...neverless take the kid away from his parents.

I think Teri posted this because hatred is alive and well and very close to our own backyards. If these kids did not have those names they could spread a message of hate to other kids they meet and we as parents might be in the dark about it. I think it is good to talk about goings on in other towns, it helps to keep on top of issues we face.

why is this on metuchen matters?

Hey Teri, Thanks for the hard work-I see the postings at midnight and 5:30 am when most of us are sleeping. This is a fun forum. These people in the article are creepy and just living in the same state as them is way to close. I am just glad they don't keep monkeys too.

WOW terri, very offensive-from the title to the story (which is very old news) why on earth did you post this crap!

hmmm? Metuchen connection? This kind of story gets plenty of play on network "news" (saw it twice last month when it actually happened). I hope for Metuchen news on Metuchen Matters. It's kind of nice to have this little bubble!

True, we don't have a bubble. The Engineer killed the project.

The fact that there are people who pay tribute to Hitler and his regime anywhere in the world means it could happen anywhere in the world. I'm not one who believes Metuchen is it's own little bubble. We need to always remember how far reaching and dangerous hatred can be. These people might just seem like isolated nuts but at one point in time, hitler did too. I feel sorry for the kids. I hope they got out in time.

What does this have to do with Metuchen?

This is disgusting. These parents are mentally ill.

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