Buono, Diegnan Weigh in On Consolidation Legislation

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State Senator Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex) is a Metuchen resident and has strong feelings about the prospects of the "Doughnut Hole Municipality" consolidation legislation explained in our post yesterday. She responded quickly to our request for her take on the bill with the following:

"The "Doughnut Hole" legislation is based upon the discredited, undemocratic concept of forced consolidation as a sure fire way to cut costs.  As a current Metuchen resident and former Metuchen councilwoman, I've experienced first-hand the twin benefits of raising my family in a small, nurturing town that also happens to be run in an exceedingly frugal and efficient manner."

Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan answered the same queries just as promptly with the following response:

"I do not support the legislation.  The residents of Metuchen and Edison should not be forced to merge if they do not wish to do so.  The reality of this proposal is that it would actually increase costs rather than reduce them."

We appreciate their attention to this important issue.

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