Happy Valentine's Day! Rutgers Professor Knows Falling In Love Is a Chemical Reaction

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hp-history-of-valentine.jpgWe have heard about the "power of attraction" but Rutgers Anthropology professor Helen Fisher has spent most of her career discovering what makes one person specifically attracted to another. Hired by match.com to create the website www.chemistry.com, Fisher lent her considerable scholarly research to both a hormonal-based and a personality-based matching system. Why Him? Why Her? The Science of Seduction, her latest book and the focus of a recent 20/20 ABC News special, uses these studies to define different love match-ups. Fisher establishes four personality types which she associates with particular body chemicals and colors. Fisher's type is listed first; the matching temperament according to psychologist David Keirsey's personality tests can be seen in parentheses and the associated chemical is last:

      • explorer (artistic, orange) - dopamine
      • negotiator (intuitive, blue) - estrogen
      • director (reasoning, green) - testosterone
      • builder (sensible, gold) - serotonin
Does this make sense in regards to your own love match? Let us know. And If this is all too scientific for you, don't forget that a simple "I Love You" has kept hearts afire throughout the ages. Happy Valentine's Day! It really is the thought that counts!

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