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ts.jpgOkay, so it may be the biggest sports event in the world, with 100 million viewers on average, but if you don't like football, you don't like football! It doesn't mean that Super Bowl Sunday has to be a drag for you, standing around at the back of someone's living room, wishing you were somewhere else. Why not send the rest of the friends and family on to the party for some precious downtime? We've got some suggestions on how to enjoy it.

Pamper yourself while all spa treatments are on sale at Appearance Day Spa on Main Street in Metuchen or check out one of the recently-nominated Oscar-worthy movies at one of our many local cinemas or catch a live performance today at the Raconteur. If you want to stick close to home, check out the 31 Days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies, starting with Billy Wilder's ACE IN THE HOLE starring Kirk Douglas tonight at 8. If you're forced to, there's always those parts of the Sunday paper you never get a chance to read on your average weekend.

Score a touchdown for serenity and enjoy your time in the mellow zone.

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hold on there a second... the super bowl is not the most watched sporting event in the world. Not even close.
it is in the top five most watched sporting events in the world and it is the most watched sporting event in the US. But not the world.

The superbowl averages 100 million viewers.

The world cup final is watched by over 1 Billion people.

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