Peanut Product Salmonella Scare

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The Peanut Corporation of America's plant in Blakely, GA is responsible for the 8 deaths, more than 500 illnesses, and recall of 430 peanut-based products due to salmonella infection.  It seems to stem from utter filth in their now closed plant as well as illegal efforts to hide initial findings of contamination. 

Girl Scout cookies are safe as are most store brand peanut butters. It's the large, industrial sized containers of peanut butter and a variety of bakery and animal products with ingredients from the plant that have been recalled.

Here are some links with more info on recalled products, NJ residents affected, and Salmonella.

FDA Tainted Peanut Butter Product list

NJ residents sickened by the contamination

Salmonella:  The disease and the symptoms

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