Super Bowl Party Menus: Healthy Choices or Artery-Clogging Goodness? You Decide!

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Super Bowl Sunday--an international holiday for most sports fans! If you're hosting the party, the desire to recreate stadium food is utmost on your mind. It's a day that demands a menu that will threaten your waistline like a snack stadium or Jersey's own Newark-Style Italian Hot Dog (a fried hot dog, onions, peppers and fried potatoes stuffed into a pizza roll the size of a handbag). Easy to make, hard to digest, it is only one of a myriad of cholesterol-laden snacks that make for a properly manly meal.

Having fun with the food that accompanies this supersized sports extravaganza is a must but you don't have to sacrifice good health and good taste when preparing your big night. Get your kicks from the play on the field and not the fat coursing through your veins by sampling what are considered the healthiest choices for your superfeast.

1 Comment

Why would you eat anything that wasn't bad for you?

It makes no sense and ruins the purpose of the day...

Over doing it and over the top extravagance.

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