The Metuchen Municipal Pool Undergoes Renovations for Summer 2009 Season

The Pool Commission, Borough Hall, Public Works and Pool employees have begun the renovations and repairs necessary to bring the Metuchen Municipal Pool back into regular service, including the replacement of the pool filtration system. Additional key improvements include the following:
    • Renovations to bathrooms
    • Installation of large umbrellas for shade
    • Repairs to benches
    • New floor surfaces
    • Replacement of life guard chairs
    • General cleaning and painting of common areas
To ensure that both the kiddie pool and main pool are in compliance with the most recent United States Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, the municipal Health Inspector is performing an assessment of the pool drain covers. The Pool Commission assures that, if the assessment identifies any shortcomings, remediation work will be done prior to the facility's opening.
There will be no increase in membership fees for Metuchen residents who renew their membership from the 2008 season--returning families will pay $265 before April 15 just like last year.  The new membership fee schedule is being distributed to all Metuchen residents and is available here as well and new family members will pay $280 before April 15 for the season. New senior memberships are available for $45, $5 more than returning seniors. Any additional questions should be forwarded to the Pool Office Manager at 732-632-8517.
Virginia Weber, on behalf of the Pool Commission, stated, "The renovations and improvements should make the Metuchen Municipal Pool the safe, fun, and affordable place to keep cool this summer. We look forward to seeing you there."


In reading through these posts, it's pretty sickening. I grew up in Metuchen and during the summer I played in pool everyday. I never "got sick", I never had a problem w/ lifeguards (in fact I was one for 10 years at the MMP), besides management was always helpful and courteous. Currently, if I had ever had a problem and needed to speak to a manager one of two is always there; if not, they got back to me. Reading this you may assume that I am biased, and I sort of am, but again, even now as a patron, I haven't the issues that many of you are speaking of. If you are unappreciative as to what the town has to offer, please don't come to pool; go join the Country Club up the road, no one needs to be around negative people or energy.

The dog owners who let their dogs poop in my yard don't leave their name either.

Like the old adage" YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". Metuchen has always treated every employee know matter who with total disregard, and disrespect. A former Mayor always said if they don't like it here don't let the door hit them on the way out. That was and still is the attitude, nice.

If you were getting paid $6.00/hr you probably wouldn't give a sh.. ether. plus a lot of it is poor training. If no one expects anything from you its hard to be to motivated at that rate and with no support.

I would like to ditto what was said about the venom. When I first found this site I was like wow. It's very cool to be able to see all of the events and activities in one place and to be able to converse with other members of the community. But I'm not so sure that I want to converse with most of the people on here. So much negative energy and comments. I read some of these comments and i think..such ignorance. Has any one read some of the comments about the dogs and dog park? I was shocked. and of course no one puts there name..probably because if they would be ashamed of themselves and would never speak the way they do on here as they would to others in "real" life.

The lifeguards who "don't do much" are trained to save children and adults. They may not "do much" all year, but the one time a toddler needs to be saved, if they can do that, they they have earned every penny they have made.

Oops, must have tea on the brain this week - that should have been teenagers.

Really, you're equating the teachers and the police to the teanagers who "work" at the pool? That IS hilarious.

Paying anybody "a good wage"who works for the good people of Metuchen (police, teachers, pool) seems hilarious to a only certain few.

The comment about "pay the staff a good wage" is just too hilarious. For the amount of work those kids do, they get paid enough. Except for the lifeguards, they don't seem to do much of anything. I hope now that the bathrooms have been redone they will keep them cleaner.

Be nice, a lot of outside residents are members of the pool.

If you're no longer a resident you should really find something better to do with your time.

No longer a resident, but a follower of the pool situation. Folks,You get what you pay for. Metuchen is a town that financially is better off then most. The Pool budget has been neglected for years. When i read people are fussing over 15 dollars for a summer membership fee, i have no doubt in my mind why the pool situation is in the mess that it is in. If you go back to Management in the 80's, 90's and early 2000 years, these minor issues didn't exists. Good Management means good operations. Metuchen-don't be cheap. Spend the money on the pool, it is far overdue. Pay the staff a good wage and you will get better operations and attention to details for the money you pay.

"She literally bounces from desk to desk. They keep downsizing, and giving her more work."

Look at it this way, if they keep downsizing, she can stay at the same desk.

There is a picture of the new umbrellas the pool wanted to purchase in the municipal budget materials.

What umbrellas I didn't see any umbrellas anywhere???

I think the swim team planted the garden inside.

They could really spruce up the landscaping too. It's a bit of a mess. Who's responsible for that? Broken tree branches an garbage and that's just on the way in. Bad sidewalks on the way in too, not to mention that parking lot. I think that Public Works should at least be responsible for the outside. We need our garden club to get in there and clean up

just because it is run by volunteers, the way it it run should be less adequate than a paid staff??

I can't wait to get a spot under one of those new umbrellas! They do look nice!

The pool is "run" in the summer by employees who get paid. The pool commission doesn't "run" the pool.

If that's the case she should find another job. Welcome to the real world. With unemployment rising I am sure there are competent people waiting for an opportunity to be overworked and underpaid.

Pool secretary does a good job, despite being overworked & underpaid. She literally bounces from desk to desk. They keep downsizing, and giving her more work. At some point mistakes might happen. It is the same for all Borough positions, too much work for one person to do an effective job. But the Borough is saving a few dollars.

The 265 dollar number is on the form but I have to admit that I made a mistake and wrote 280 by mistake. It is confusing but it is on the form. I have a feeling a number of people will make this mistake as I did. The 265 number should have been first then the 280...I guess the town would rather people make the mistake of overpaying than underpaying?

There is an asterick (*) with last year's rate...its not confusing nor is it deceptive. for goodness sake, its the municipal pool that is run by volunteers who don't make any money and the pool secretary has 14 other jobs at Borough Hall. Why do you insinuate that their motives are cloaked in evil??

WARNING! The application for the pool arrived in the CRIT. It does say that if you are renewing from last year you pay last year’s rate...BUT it does not say what last year’s rate was. It is very deceiving and I believe most people will pay $280 instead of the bargain rate of $265 for the minor inconveniences from last year. It is either a very clever trick or another example of incompetence. Sorry for spewing more venom but it is true. Sorry people but it is time for a change.

Thank you Teri for pointing out that the fee is $265 instead of $280! It’s good to see at least someone in town cares about accuracy and the people in the town!

It may have been voted on the same time they voted to fire the auditor.

So how come his refund was not voted on by the council, but the refund for the woman objecting to the non-smoking policy was?

The nasty reporter from the star ledger got a refund because he threatened to do an expose if they didn't give him his money back.

wow first there was so much venom at and now its here too...upsets me to think that you people are my neighbors!

Thank you for your help. I heard that refunds were being offered because people prepaid for a service and the service was not available. I myself like to go after work and most of the time I went there it was closed. It some how does not seem fair. The diving boards were never available when it was open and the pool manager was never around. Someone commented earlier that if a person hates it so much to stay home it's just that all the good town pools are filled to capacity and ours is the only one begging for people to show up. I wonder why?

One woman got a refund after they made the change to non-smoking. The refund was an agenda item at a borough council meeting. I don't recall any other refunds. Go to a pool commission meting and ask, or call one of the commissioners. Their names are listed in the directory of boards and commissions.

Anyone know how the refunds are going from last year? I heard several people got or were getting refunds because the water was disgusting. Anyone know how to get on the list?

I like bringing my own chairs. Then I don't have to wonder if someone else's kid has puked or pooped on them.

Go to borough hall and make an OPRA request to see the pool accounts. The form is on the borough website. The borough clerk is very helpful and will get you what you ask for and put you in a conference room. You can sit there all day and go through the records if you want. If you want copies to take home there is a copying fee.

Jeez, stay home if you hate it that much

Who is doing the improvements? The kids that sit by the entrance and let anyone come in? What about last year's mess? Will these improvements really be enough to offset the see increase in fee's? That was very generous not raising my rate this year considering my kids as well as others were getting sick from the pool enviroment. Where does someone go about finding the accounting records for the pool? Are they available to anyone for inspection? How come people in other town pools pay far less and have more to offer. I have to lug chairs from my car inside just to be able to sit. Why did it have to take a broken filter to get something done? The bathrooms were always disgusting? All of a sudden everything is now rosy?

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause!

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