Web-Em Offers Email Communications During Town Emergencies

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At the time of the recent bomb threat at Metuchen High School, WEB-EM was in full force, sending email alerts about the situation immediately to all registered users. Emergency situations and weather evacuations, school closings and other such events are broadcast quickly and in complete detail but you have to sign up for them. Here's some information about how the service works. You can find further information and sign up to receive these alerts at www.webem.tv.
Q) What sort of Emergency information will I receive?
A) You will receive information affecting your community. This information might include bad weather alerts, school closings and early dismissal, flooding, road closures, evacuations, forest or brush fires, terrorism alerts, hazardous materials spills, and other events that will require you to take immediate actions. You may also receive "warnings" of pending problems so that you can take preventative measures and prepare for contingencies.

Q) Who will originate the alerts?
A) Alerts in your community can be issued by municipal officials, school officials and your County Emergency Management Office.

Q) How fast will I receive alerts?
A) Alerts will be sent to your cellular carrier and e-mail provider within 15 minutes of receipt from your public officials. The actual time it takes for the alerts to be delivered will be determined by your cellular carrier and e-mail provider.

Q) In what form will I receive the alert messages.
A) You will receive the messages on both your cell phone and e-mail in text form. On the cell phone, the message may come in as an "e-mail" or "Picture" message depending on the length of the message.

Q) How is WEB-EM information different than emergency news that I see broadcast on radio or TV?
A) Broadcast stations must cover an entire region and provide information to many towns during an emergency. WEB-EM is specific to your town and can provide you with very local information about conditions affecting your neighborhood and with instructions tailored to your community. In addition, if an emergency is only affecting your town, broadcast stations may be reluctant to interrupt their programming to broadcast an alert for a single community.

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WebEM is a great service for our community. Both the municipality and the board of education have taken advantage of this program to provide us all with necessary alerts. WebEM was even used last summer to notify people when the Pool had to close. It's easy to sign up and I'm glad that your website is further encouraging participation. Keep up the great work.

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