Board of Education Meeting Becomes Movie Premiere Thanks to Fourth Grade Campbell Students

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They say in Hollywood that a good film is one where every ounce of energy put into it shows up on the screen. Last night's Board of Education meeting was treated to such a movie extravaganza, courtesy of Campbell School fourth grade students.

When Mr. Yakowenko's class at Campbell School took on the annual history curriculum and began studying the American revolution, he and his class aid, Miss Montaugh, came up with a novel idea: make a film about Lexington and Concord, so the children could have fun while learning. The interdisciplinary rigor that was required for this feat was evident when the film was shown. With a classical score that highlighted the drama of the events unfolding on the screen, fast-paced editing that made the action more exciting and the utmost consideration given to costumes, sets, props and, of course, an award-winning script, narrated by Mr. Yakowenko with a serious and sturdy tone appropriate to the grave events at Lexington and Concord, showed how exciting an innovative touch can make teaching a well-worn historical era. Kudos to the class, the teachers and all the behind-the-scenes helpers (a lot of parents, we would guess) for their Oscar-worthy work!

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I was lucky enough to be in the audience at the Board of Ed meeting and to see the film. What a terrific job! Mr. Yak and Miss Montaugh really made history come alive for their students!

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