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gogreen.jpgIn 2006 the Middlesex County Showroom of Environmental Technology (MCSET) was created as a tool for local organizations to help with the coordination of State grants, technical assistance, and County resources when identifying and implementing "green" technologies.  Now the MCSET has teamed up with Freeholder H. James Polos, the driving force behind the MCSET, to form the Middlesex County Go Green Save Green Challenge.  According to their website, the Challenge has been designed, "to identify the many individuals, groups, businesses, organizations, municipal and school entities that have already taken steps to implement energy efficiency, green technology or other sustainable initiatives that will help our environment and  reduce energy consumption."  Qualified applicants will receive a listing on MCSET/Go Green Save Green web site, a Go Green Save Green Challenge certificate, a window decal for display, among others benefits.

If your organization has been taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and you're looking for a little recognition of your efforts, you can click here to apply.


And those "eco" light bulbs usually come in hard plastic packaging, too! Most people don't know that they require special disposal.

Do most people know they're not supposed to throw dead batteries in the trash? I sure hope so, but I doubt it.

Everyone needs to know that because some product says "eco" does not mean it is. Check the product contents of the materials you are buying carefully. One local chain drug store in the area is selling "eco" light bulbs that if you read the side packing on it say CONTAINS MERCURY dispose in accordance with local regulations. Same goes for "building materials." The problem is just like organic food no real set standards are in place.

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