Stressed? Metuchen Massage is Open for Business


Metuchen Massage 001.jpgThere's a new business on the South Main strip: Metuchen Massage opened earlier this month and offers customers a menu of massage services.

Hours of operation are Monday - Saturday from 10am - 8pm and Sunday by appointment only.  Walk-ins are accepted but appointments preferred.  Charge-cards are accepted.




Back & Neck Whole Body Foot Facial Cupping
10 min $12 60 min $50 30 min $30 $30 & Up $10
15 min $18 90 min $75
30 min $30


In about five years there will be a new resturant open, like cryans used to be, located in the new development that they are building on central avenue, central avenue is going to be the continuation of downtown

Is it up to you whether there are enough massage businesses, or is it up to consumers? There is a hint of fascism in your tone and message.

I agree...Novitas is horribly managed. I won't go back there anymore.

What do you recommend?

What do you recommend?

There are other bars in town.

It costs a lot of money and time to open a new place. I just think no one is going to want to invest in a new bar, when the only bar in town is not filled the way it should be. Novita looks classy and fits in well and has a great location. The bar is nice at Sawadee, but I have never been there for just a drink. I guess if we don't drink at bars we will have more money for massages and facials.

Seems stupid to turn away customers that way. Isn't a burger a meal?

Novita is overpriced for the food they serve. It is not all that good and they have too many rules about the lounge area. Not sure if it still stands, but when they first opened up, they had a minimum charge per table in the lounge area on the weekend night. Last time I was in, all the lounge tables were reserved, and they could not fit my party. The dining room was empty, and they still would not let us sit there because we only wanted to order appetizers and burgers. It was like 8:30 at night, and I did not see anyone waiting in line. I never went back. This from a person that frequented the Cornerstone at least once a week.

Pub, yes, sports bar, no.

I'd also like to see a Burger-Beer joint,maybe with some tvs to watch games. And maybe 10 beer taps with interesting rotating beers. Or a brew pub like JJ Bittings with more tvs and better food.

Best: private party at LaRosa and someone else bought the beer!

Ain't nothing sweeter, except maybe LaRosa's with a 12pack!

LaRosa's with a six pack it is!

According to an article about the special licenses issued to the new owners of Vernon Valley, "The state's current strict liquor law, grants licenses based on a town's population. Licenses in New Jersey routinely sell for over $500,000, with some prices near $1 million."

I miss the Cornerstone. Good location, good food, fair price. Have been to Novita and didn't like the food. How much does a liquor license cost?

I liked the food at the Cornerstone.

I'll stick to buying my beer at Wine Chateau and bringing it to La Rosa's.

Thanks true, but a burger and beer at the bar may fit into a tight budget here and there, and it supports a really nice place in town. Novita has a new chef and good,quality food costs money. Westfield and Princton thrive because people come from other towns and buy at their stores and eat in their restaurants. Support the places we have now, even if it is one beer once in a while and then new places may spring up. We should have a Metuchen Matters Martini night. It would be fun.

At least they are here, they are in operation, they offer a variety of menu items and it looks nice and friendly, especially when it opens the doors out into the street. But having a PUB pub would be great.

People have different tastes and different threshholds for what is expensive.

Novita is not that expensive and I think the food is good. It is good to support the town.

Restaurants don't always close because they are struggling. Sometimes the owners are retiring or moving. Cornerstone always seemed to have a big lunch crowd.

Novita is very expensive and the food I ordered was not edible.

Novita has a beautiful bar (and delightful martini's) and I have seen lots of people eat at the bar area. I have seen parents with kids and baby strollers and it reminds me that this is a young hip neighborhood. When it is nice out, they open the floor to ceiling doors and you feel even more connected to Main St and the folks walking around outside. I guess the Cornerstone, which I thought was like a pub, struggled. It is best to keep the money in Metuchen and Novita is a treasure.

I've heard that Sawadee is for sale. Heard the Cryan's property is up for sale again too. So two potential locations, but no potential buyers, apparently. Who would try to start a business now?

Sawadee and their license... their up for sale, no?

You really have a thing for Phyllis Schlafy, don't you?

You can bring your own beer to La Rosa's. They have a yummy grilled chicken wrap. Never had their burger, though.

I second the pub. My husband and I eat out several times a week and always comment on the lack of a place in Metuchen where we could get a burger/sandwich and a beer as we drive out of town and spend our money elsewhere.

And all the Phyllis Schlafy types would be up in arms. Remember when the preacher moved into the house next to NJs and tryed to get them shutdown for serving the demon rum?

Mainly, because there are no liquor licenses available.

But someone could open a place like that on the former Cryan's property, which does have one, unless the ABC decides to take it away because it has been dormant for so long.

Why oh why cant someone open up a neighborhood pub - where I can get a good burger and a good beer, where kids are welcome (at least earlier in the evening), that has live folk or Irish music and that has a good brunch. I'd LIVE there. Enough spas, nail salons, etc. If Im spending $50 or so dollars in town, I'd much prefer to give it to the type of place I've just described, and I'm a 30-something woman.

This was done in America prety much into the 19th century for any number of things.

Here's a site about cupping. Weird.

Metuchen, the new massage capital of the world.

30 bucks for a facial? I'm in!

How much for a happy ending?

The last Zoning Board meeting had a new application for a different massage business at 577 Middlesex Avenue, the old Bagel Pantry space, not a modification of an existing one. The South Main facility was approved at the February 5 Planning Board meeting.

Yes - the sign and facade have got to go - it looks very sketchy.

I agree. If you want your nails done or you want a spa service, you've got a lot of choices in Metuchen.

Cupping? Is that like spooning?

I hope a close eye is kept on activities in this place. Assumming it is legitmate, my next question is: With at least three day spa businesses in town, all featuring massage services, do we really need another anyway?

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