Heartbreak of Mike Fuccile Tragedy May Lead to Change in Law

In yesterday's story about the Fuce5K Family Fun Run, we wrote about beloved friend and neighbor Mike Fuccile, slain this past September in Jersey City on his way to work.  The man who murdered Mike is a schizophrenic.  His parents had been trying for years to get him treatment but the courts did not support them in their fight.  Mike was as much the victim of a failed system as he was a murderer's rage.

Senate President Richard J. Codey has sponsored a bill that would create an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (IOC) program in NJ.  Following you will find information on the bill. It was approved by the Senate on Monday in a vote of 37 - 0 and will go before the Assembly later this spring, Click here to tell Representatives Barnes and Diegnan  that you would like them to sign as co-sponsors of Bill A1618 (the Assembly companion bill for Senate Bill S735).  

"This is a step in the right direction.  It won't bring Mike back, but hopefully it will spare another family this horrific tragedy." - Nancy Fuccile, Mike's beloved widow.  

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