Tommy's Pond Gets Makeover from Environmental Commission

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The Metuchen Environmental Commission, over the weekend, tried a new process to control the algae in Tommy's Pond--they are now using barley straw.

Barley straw is an economical intermediate solution that has been proven to inhibit algal growth. Although not a cure-all, the Commission expects Tommy's Pond to look better throughout the summer months--after that, a long-term solution will be implemented. In this photo, Commission members Brian Weeks and Mike Vissichelli prepare to install a completed bale and weight in a deeper section of the pond.
The barley straw is a natural element that can seriously impede algae growth--which, during the summer season in ponds, poses both cosmetic and chemical problems. These algae blooms increase in ponds that have high levels of nutrients which can be associated with runoff from adjacent roads and lawns. The control of algae with mechanical or chemical means can be costly and ineffective--some chemicals have adverse effects on aquatic species that live in the pond. Once the herbicide is gone, the algae often recolonizes the pond fairly quickly and over time the algae problem can continue to get worse. Hopefully the Commission's preliminary measures will ensure a healthier pond this coming summer.

IMG_3585.JPGCommission Chair, Mark Herzberg, next to several bales of barley straw that had just been packaged.

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Hey, isn't that littering? LOL

Great writing - throw or deposit what?

ยง 118-10. Bodies of water.

No person shall throw or deposit in any fountain, pond, lake, stream or any other body of water in a park or elsewhere within the borough.

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