EWA Present Carcinogen Levels Found in Raritan River


Edison Wetlands Association (EWA) Executive Director Robert Spiegel announced last week that EWA's recent sampling found lead and arsenic continuing to leach at extremely high levels in at least three locations along the Raritan Bayfront in Old Bridge and Sayreville.  The sampling results were presented to the public at a meeting at the George Bush Senior Center in Old Bridge.


The environmental consultant Chapin Engineering today issued a report outlining the sampling results and recommendations for cleanup. Take a look at these findings . . .

  • The levels of lead ranged as high as 99,400 mg/kg
  • The cleanup levels for lead is 400 mg/kg.
  • Arsenic levels ranged as high as 10,200 mg/kg.
  • Cleanup levels for arsenic are 19 mg/kg
  • Removal actions should be taken as soon as feasible 

According to Richard W. Chapin, president of Chapin Engineering, "These open exposed slags represent a direct, potential exposure pathway for current users of the area....  A removal action can eliminate the potential for direct contact with the slag and reduce the discharge of lead and arsenic into the Raritan Bay while the USEPA continues its assessment of the extent of the problem." In addition, a subsequent EWA site investigation uncovered at least two other lead slag areas along the Raritan Estuary, including a Green Acres site in Old Bridge.


There was an article today in the paper regarding Hexavalent Chromium and the state is finally trying to find a reasonable limit to keep us safe and will now reassess areas determined to be safe when they were not. I worry whether any of the so called "cleaned up" sites in Metuchen including, the capped fields and the ones for development have been tested for it and what the levels where.


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