How will you work to hold the administration accountable and monitor their performance?


To be accountable in administration , I believe the board would have to address pertinent issues as they pertain to the school district as a whole.  Secondly, the board should consider different ways to confront these issues, as well as the impact they would have on the community.  Some suggestions should be welcomed from the constituents, and others who would be directly involved and impacted by the decisions made involving these issues.  Accountability comes into play when the board makes it's decisions based on the best interest of the school district; knowing that by making these decisions they are fully responsible for the outcome.  Finally, the transparency of the decisions that are made is the absolute key to making sure that everyone in the Metuchen community knows what is about to take place before the decisions made are put into action; giving time for feedback, if at all possible. 




The School Board evaluates the Superintendent (under New Jersey law) each year on performance by setting goals and performance parameters.  This is a public process that is presented at Board meetings. At the end of the year, the Superintendent issues a detailed report on what has been done to meet these goals. The Board of Education analyzes the results and makes recommendations for improvement. Under present regulations, the Superintendent's report and our analysis are confidential.  I am in favor of making them public. 


As Chair of the Personnel Committee and a member of the Finance Committee, we review the recommendations of the Superintendent concerning supervisors, professional and administrative staff.  We monitor the performance of the business office as well.


Metuchen is a town where the citizens watch what goes on in our government closely.  The Board of Education, PTO and community groups do this with our educational system.  I have 3 children currently in the Metuchen schools (I am one of two board members that have a child at the high school).  I am very visible in the community and always solicit input from parents when there is a topic of concern.  Over the years, the Board of Education has had many committees that have included members of the public where we explore different aspects of the future of our school system.  In Metuchen we're fortunate to have a Superintendent that willingly involves the public in many of the major decisions that are made.




Administrators report to the Board and its committees on a regular basis.  In addition, both the state and the district provide formal accountability systems.  These systems are based on a hierarchy.  All employees of the district are evaluated by their superiors.  The superintendent is evaluated yearly by the Board of Education, as required by the state.  The County Superintendent reviews every major document that is required for submission (for example, the professional development plan).  The Board of Education is required to evaluate itself on a yearly basis.  These evaluations are based on goals set in the previous year.  Following the evaluations, new goals are set for the district, the superintendent or the Board itself.   Our superintendent and past boards have been forward thinking, realizing that some goals require long-range planning and benchmarks.  There have been goals that were directed at the school year and others that are three or even five year goals.


The district is currently preparing for a district-wide evaluation, QSAC, for the state that looks at every aspect of its function from instruction to governance.  This supplants a previous monitoring system used in the past.  There are many prescribed points in the year at which the superintendent or director of curriculum are required to report on different areas, such as student achievement, the school report card, mentoring plan, school based goals and a host of other items.  These reports, presented at board meetings, are open to public comment and question.


As president of the board, I am in frequent communication with the Superintendent. As a board, we evaluate the Superintendent yearly. She in turn evaluates the central office administrators and the principals.   In addition, the board receives a weekly and monthly report from the Superintendent. The weekly reports include reports from the Business Administrator, the Director of Curriculum and the Director of Special Services.  The monthly report is expanded to include reports from each of the principals. The monthly report is currently available on the district's web site for all citizens. 




I'm a true believer in participation, so I would encourage the administration to inform the public with substantive reporting on its goals and provide current information on the outcomes of those goals on the administration web site. The administration has provided a user-friendly 2009-2010 budget for public consumption (a law enacted for the 08-09 school year) on its web site, which is a good first step. The administration should seek to increase the number of interested residents who attend public meetings and find places in its work to include those who wish to participate and provide even greater levels of detail, wherever possible, to fully inform the public

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