Metuchen Commuters, Expect Delays on Northeast Corridor from April through September


white-logo-bar_01.jpgBeginning on next Monday, April 20th, until September 2009, 20 miles of track between Newark/Penn Station and Metuchen will suffer delays when one out of any of the four tracks NJ Transit and Amtrak utilize will be out of service daily due to post replacements along the rails. If you are a longtime commuter, you know what that means--NJ Transit says "five minute delay" and, an hour later, you might make your way onto your home platform. Check out New Jersey Transit for further information.


Yes. They gave out a special flyer about it on the trains two weeks ago. It said they will be taking out one track from Newark to New Brunswick to replace the concrete rail ties, which have not lasted as long as they thought they would.

The announcement on the NJT site says one track will be taken out of service for several months to replace the concrete ties. Doen't say anything about poles.

Actually what I find is that when they are announcing a 10 min. delay, the train is pulling up to the station.

There is a very interesting show on the history channel on the "fastest train in America" which of course covers the Acela, which hits 140 mph between NY and Boston. To go at that speed the cement ties are required. The train could actually go about 200 MPH but would require an upgrade to the electrical wires that power the train.

The train only hits its speed limit (150 mph) in two sections, one in MA and one in RI. To be able to go over 150 mph, a dedicated line with no crossings would probably be required (I don't think we would want to see a NE Corridor train while going 200 mph, although it would be fun to see one blow by at that speed).

Interestingly enough (to me at least) the Acela Express doesn't really go much faster than the Denver Zephyr train that ran between Denver and Chicago back in the 1960's. That train had an average speed of 77 mph while the Acela Express hits and average of 86 mph.

Is this different from the regular delays?

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