Official Junebug Sculpture Unveiling will Open Festival - June 5th


RoyChambersinStudio.jpegMetuchen resident, Westfield High teacher, and sculptor - Roy Chambers - will officially open Junebug at 7:00 on June 5th with the unveiling of a commissioned sculpture that will stand in honor of the festival throughout the month of June (next to Metuchen Savings Bank - 442 Main).  Like the Olympic flame, it will signal the Borough's celebration -- of the arts!


According to Junebug event chairperson Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella  "I always saw a 'signature sculpture'  somehow being part of the event.  A large work like that really becomes a rallying opportunity for photographs...the sheer size of an outdoor sculpture brings weight and vitality to an event!  Last year we just had too much to do to get Junebug on the road;  this year was right.  When I met Roy last year, I knew his work would be perfect."


Roy's work "ranges from sculpture and paintings based on elements of nature and the delicate balance that exists between humans and our environment, to functional pieces made from found wood and recycled materials." 

Roy received a BA in Commercial Art from New Jersey City University in 1985 and, after working as an Assistant Art Director for 6 years, decided to do something more fulfilling. Roy went back to school and received his Teacher Certification in Art from New Jersey City University in 1993.  He is currently teaching art and lives in Metuchen with his wife Jirapon and son Aidan (whom he refers to as his "two muses") and works out of his Walnut Avenue backyard studio.


Where did you grow-up and what brought you to Metuchen?
I grew up in West New York (NJ, not NY) and have lived in North Jersey most of my life.  We moved to Metuchen almost 8 years ago.  We have friends that live in town; we loved the downtown area and decided to buy a house here.

How did you become interested in Art?  Sculpture?
I've done some form of art my entire life.  I had a great sculpture teacher in high school who inspired me and persuaded me to go to college.  I experiment with many different mediums, but always seem to come back to sculpture.

I know that you are inspired by both your wife and son.  Where else do you find inspiration?

Nature has always been an inspiration to me.  I feel a special connection when I'm surrounded by nature and this often comes out in my artwork. 


Are there particular materials you prefer to work with?

I love the feel and look of wood and frequently work with found or reclaimed wood, along with other found and recycled materials.

Tell us about the Junebug sculpture - how did you decide what it should be?  What is it made of? 

It is an abstract representation of a junebug and was driven by the types of materials that I found and was given.  The abstracted image in my mind clarified when I found a few key materials.  It is made up of wire, the bell of a tuba, a hubcap, fireplace screen, plastic bottles, copper flashing, and remnants of an outdoor patio swing.

Will any other pieces of your art be displayed during the festival?  If so, do you know where they will be?
I will be exhibiting work during the Metuchen Artists Studio Tour, in my backyard studio (43 E. Walnut St.) on June 12th between 6-10 pm. Other artists' will exhibit work in their own studios during that time as well.

As a resident and an artist, what do you think about Junebug in Metuchen?
I am extremely excited about the creative direction and opportunities that the Junebug festival offers Metuchen residents.  We all have so much to offer and it can only benefit visitors to the borough and add to the beauty and enrichment of the community.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I am thrilled to be part of the festival and honored to have been chosen to create a sculpture for it's opening.  I'm also thankful to my wife and son for helping me and allowing me the time to work on the project, and to the members of the Junebug committee who helped find a site and additional materials I needed for the sculpture.


Sorry forgot toput info

Hey Ray Old Friend. Do you feature your work on the web? Look me up on Facebook would love to catch up

Thanks very much Clare,
It wasn't intentional, but I guess over time our homes do become autobiographical.

Roy is a very talanted artist, and he is a wonderful choice for the construction of a sculpture to open Junebug. His home is a museum of art -- it's his own autobiography.
Great job, Roy! I can't wait to see it!

I LOVE this idea of having a sculpture to signify the festival! At the high school where my husband works, the art teachers won a grant to erect a statue in the front lawn of the school. It's presence suggests pride in the school and the community. Thanks to all those for making this happen.

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