Thumbnail image for Hailey's Logo.jpegBy the end of August, new business owners Chris and Jodi Flynn will have transformed the space where Sawadee's has been into Hailey's Harp & Pub, an authentic Irish public house filled with friends, food, spirits, and craic (read on for more about that).


We spoke with general manager Victor DeLusso and learned all about what this much desired addition to Main Street will be all about - what might be on the menu, on tap, and in store.

What will it mean to have an authentic Irish pub on Main Street?

The perfect Irish bar requires the right bric a' brac, food, music, and people. The décor will be authentically Irish and promote Guinness and other Irish libations. Irish artifacts, which might include old pictures, Irish street signs, images of Irish literary figures will also pull in a celtic quality. Beer, preferably stout, and a fine selection of Irish whiskey, are essential in an Irish pub, but so are "craic" (good conversation and a fun friendly and exuberant environment) and "session" (an open jam where musicians play traditional Irish instruments).


Our concept is to bring to Metuchen the best of what the pubs in Ireland have to offer, and that is to bring the aforementioned "craic" of the Irish to Hailey's Harp & Pub. It  will be more than just a bar or eatery. We envision a place were the community can gather at the end of the day and spend time with both friends and family; a place to unwind, celebrate, listen to music, have a meal and just enjoy being in the company of others. Our goal is to have Hailey's Harp & Pub be a part of everyday life in Metuchen


What will be on the menu?

Irish fare, which will consist of fish 'n chips, corned beef and cabbage, bangers & mash (Irish sausage and mashed potatoes) shepherd's pie, Gaelic steak (NY strip with traditional Irish onion gravy), potato leek soup and Irish soda bread. The rest of the menu will be typical pub fare; burgers, steaks, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups , one or two pasta dishes, a full array of appetizers (wings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, healthy veggie platter and much more). We will have both bar pies and regular 16" pizzas and an extensive children's menu, because our goal is to be know as an Irish Pub and FAMILY restaurant. Various deserts including a make your own Sundae bar for the kids.


What about the drafts you'll serve?  Any house specialties?

Guinness, Bass, Harp, Smithwicks, Sam Adams seasonal brews, Blue Moon, Bud Miller Light, Coors Light will be served.


We will commission a local microbrewery to fashion a beer similar to Killians Irish Red and will donate a portion of the sales of that beer to the Fuccile Foundation, as an on going legacy in memory of Mike.


There will be a private back room used for dining overflow as needed but more for private parties, baby and wedding showers, birthdays, corporate luncheons and dinners etc. As a matter of fact we have already received and inquiry from a local business interested in having monthly board meetings at Hailey's.


Will there be music or entertainment of any sort?

We will be featuring traditional Irish folk music on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the wishes and suggestions of the clientele. We will have open mike nights on occassion and solo and duet acts, mostly acoustic.


There will also most assuredly be bagpipers for the grand opening and St. Patrick's Day, and some other traditional Irish holidays as well.


Have you determined what the hours of operation will be?

We're looking at Sun-Wed from 11:30 am until 11:30 pm, and Thurs-Sat from 11:30 am until 1:30 am to start but if the clientele calls for it, we'll adjust as needed. We are also kicking around the idea of getting the big European soccer matches on satellite. We would open at 7am on game days and serve a small breakfast menu as many of the Irish Pubs in NYC do, so our soccer fans can see the games live. Maybe this could be a topic for future Metuchen Matters polls.


When will your hiring process start?  

Hiring and training will commence in mid-July.  We will post help wanted signs on the building, and the local papers.


Victor hopes that everyone will help Hailey's celebrate their grand opening by joining town officials, family, and friends at their ribbon cutting ceremony. The day-long celebration will feature local radio personalities broadcasting live from Hailey's for a few hours in the afternoon. There will also be ten drawings throughout the day to win $25 gift certificates, lunch for four, and one lucky winner will get to be the bar DJ on a Friday night. Additionally, anyone who donates used kids clothing for local charities will receive a free ice cream for each family member.


We are delighted to hear of this great news. We wish you the best. We will definetly be there. Metuchen has great families in this town who welcome good businesses to do well. Can't wait for the opening. Keep it on the easy, simple side and you will succeed. Try to get to snooty and you will have a tough time.
See you soon.

It looks like another week or two now.

10 more days till opening! Let the count down begin!!

RIP Sawadee.

But renovations have begun!!!

Chris & Jodi

Good Luck and best wishes on the Pub. We will have to have all our family parties in the back room. We'll be up for some food and drinks.



chris and jodi, best of luck, we have a few items from our trip to ireland to donate to hailley's.
congratulations! cead mile failte
m,m,k,and p

It's aliiiiive!!

I will be there with bells on!

Well, Cryan's was not a simple beer and burger place. But Knox's was - many people raved about their burgers, while others didn't even know they served food. Neither really had a family atmosphere. Haven't been into the new Bar & Grill so can't comment on that. I still think of what is now NJ's as the B&G so that tells you how old I am!

Now that smoking isn't allowed in these places, it makes it easier to have a family atmosphere and makes ventilation less of an issue. Only started going back to the Duchess after it went non-smoking. They had good burgers and fries.

Having read through many of the comments below, there is something being left out that needs to be said. After living in Metuchen for over 20 years, if I had a nickel for every time a local said "if we only had a simple beer and burger place..." I would be a much richer man. Even Cryan's, while a local landmark for many years, lacked a bit of family-ness not to mention ventilation. Hope you'll let us Scots in as well...see you when you open !

seems like nothing happening, hope all is well

Hi Chris,
I was just wondering when you guys were going to start the hiring process. I've been going down to Sawadee's every few days to see if there were any announcements but I haven't seen anything.
If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it!

Hope the prices are reasonable! Were very excited as an Irish family for this pub to open but not looking forward to the usual Metuchen prices. Can't luck to you!

You need a better picture. Someone thought you were the lady from Lucca's. Funny.

I never meant to be anonymous nor was I being negative. I think its exciting to have new businesses in town. The fact that it is premature since as of last week there was no lease, nor license transfer doesn't mean it's not a great thing. I hope it happens and happens soon since I know that the owner of Sawadee has been looking forward to selling for quite a long time.

I started the blog because I grew up in this town and have been involved most of my life here and hoped to help Metuchen become better known. If my blogging attempt did not link to my website, it is only because I am not as computer savvy as I hope to be, not because I wanted to be anonymous.

That's the former owner of Lucca's.

Hows that?

Funny your not willing to put your name on your post i dont know what you think the town has to gain by speading negativity in the face of what will be such a welcome addition to the metuchen community...but since you seem to know more than the Flynns and ther personal accountant,lawyer and back reps...maybe you could help me pick the Mega Millions this week

I thought I was the one who knows all ;)

I am the one who knows it all, my dear.

... and you are?

This articles a little premature considering the Flynns have not secured the money to make the purchase yet.

thats the best post that has been submitted, thats a pub discount for you.

thanks for the monday laugh

chris ( owner)

Please don't put a shuffleboard in, I'll never see my husband.

The very best of luck from North Carolina!

The Superintendent's Forum, the commission being formed to look into full day kindergarten, the crosswalk changes to come at Oakland as well as the reinvention and rebirth of the Forum Theater are all ideas that originated with great public response on this site. Thanks, Metuchen Matters!

Hey thanks for the encouragement...we looking forward to becoming a part of your great community....renovations start soon feel free to stop in and say hi ...I'll give you the grand tour

Victor deLusso
General Mngr
Hailey's Harp&Pub

cool.i get more excited everyday

Vic and I thought about establishing a dart league on wed nights, so yes, there will be darts. But since this is a family pub, we just have to figure out the timing when the adults can have access to the darts
chris ( owner)

shuffle board will be cool. how about darts?

When I was there for lunch it was always crowded. Also usually hoppin on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights. Before the flood they had a nice party room downstairs too. Went to more than one rehearsal dinner there.

great minds think alike, we plan on offering an "irish like brunch" a few sundays a month after football season.


The last year or so of the Cornerstone we found that it was a good place to go with family and friends with kids for dinner if you went on the earlier side... and it was often crowded. We probably went there every 6 weeks, and always when the grandparents came up (tip of the hat to the blue hair crowd, they need to eat too :-)

Food was decent and a good family alternative to Main St Trattoria if you were not in the mood for Italian. Not sure why they closed, but it seemed like they were doing an OK business.

Chris - now that the Dutchess Diner is closed I think that offering reasonably priced pub food and some diner type fare will fill a niche. Don't forget breakfast (maybe only on the weekends)

Cornerstone was thriving? Maybe for the blue hair crowd, always seemed pretty dead to me, felt like stepping back in time to the 50s.

Never really crowded at all. Kind of depressing going in there.

Hey Chris, do yourself a favor and stay clear of the "Novita Business Plan"....Good luck with that!

really, novita took a thriving local bar and restaurant and turned it into an upscale ghost town. great job.

In this case, it will be just the opposite.

The only thing Im not looking forward to is the line out the door to get in, as long as it remains reasonably priced. I think this will be a gold mine.

sorry, that you have bad intel on this one


Say it ain't so Joe!
Rumor has it this is not a done deal. It appears as if nothing has been signed and let's face it the lack of business at Sawadee makes a perfect tax deduction for their other restaurants that are doing very well. I really hope this is just a rumor and nothing more. With Novita doing zero business, since no one can afford to eat or drink there, not to mention the "friendly" staff, we need an affordable pub in town. A family pub with great food and beer.

Chris - I'm Andy from The Bill and Andy Show. Please pass along my contact info to Steve for entertainment booking. email:
We played at O'Hallorans Irish Pub in Fords every Friday for over 3 years. I think we would be a great fit. Plenty of info about us on our website Meeting Steve in person would be best - Thanks!

Chris - I'm Andy from The Bill and Andy Show. Please pass along my contact info to Steve for entertainment booking. email:
We played at O'Hallorans Irish Pub in Fords every Friday for over 3 years. I think we would be a great fit. Plenty of info about us on our website Meeting Steve in person would be best - Thanks!

Hopefully, the vision we have for the pub, can provide a unique family experience that you will want to repeat, and the only to do that is to listen to our clients.

Hopefully, the vision we have for the pub, can provide a unique family experience that you will want to repeat, and the only to do that is to listen to our clients.

FINALLY! Someone is listening to the posts on this site!

Thanks Chris - I got Victor's email. Cheers!

Thank you for the support on the pool tables

Chris (owner)

I see the point about pool tables taking up too much room but not about them destroying the family atmosphere. My kids like to play pool. I played pool as a kid when we went camping, at the YMCA, and at the Four Seasons. One thing about those places, though, there was no alcohol.

I'll never forget Steve Mizerak's son, who could barely see over the table with his custom cue and his own set of balls with roman numerals on them. Must be in his thirties by now.

Thank you for the support on the pool tables

Chris (owner)


steve, the GM of the pub will contact you about potential bookings at the pub:
chris (owner_)

sorry, no pool table, defeats the family pub concept. However, there will be a shuffle board table, and other games

Saw these guys play, very good.

So who do I talk to regarding booking my locally grown violin & guitar duo that plays dozens and dozens of Irish tunes and has lots of friends who like pub food and great beer?

Congratulations on the new pub. I can't wait for my first Guiness!

Congratulations on the new pub. I can't wait for my first Guiness!

also count me in on the soccer. I hope there will be a pool table too.

well, 9:48, the article does mention Guinness twice. Guinness is a little heavy but Harp and Bass will do me just fine. They can keep that bitter Sam Adams swill, though. Still don't understand the appeal. Same goes for the microbrews, never had one that was palatable. But hey, everyone's taste buds are different. Another Bass for me, barkeep!

Our whole family is thrilled to have an Irish Pub coming to town! As long as you're stocked with Guinness, Harp, Bushmills and good Irish music, you can count on a fairly consistent showing from us. If you're still kicking around the idea of having soccer playing, I'd throw our vote in for sure! We're tired of having to go to Champps or other places for the games.

our philosophy is to provide a back to basic menu for food and beverage. No $12 martinis or whacky foods i cant pronounce. the goal is to keep it simple, and deliver what our clients tell us they want

the irish use the word "crack" to describe, family, friends, and goodtimes. so hopefully,you will be able to enjoy a nice evening at the pub

chris (pub owner0

I agree. I am sure the they know how to run a restuarant much better than me but I would think that if it's priced reasonably, they will alway be crowded and people will tell their friends. Will earn much more in volume.

To quote Bruce, can we get cold beer at a reasonable price? Novito's sells a glass of Yeungling for $5.00 and is always empty. I know insurance, rent etc are high but please do what you can. Pitcher specials, combp specials, i.e 6 wings and a pint for X etc.

Thanks and good luck.

7:14 - over 700 kids in town play soccer - sounds like the perfect audience for early morning soccer games - on the weekends anyway.

Great news and good luck. I don't know how well the soccer thing will go over but I know we need somewhere to watch a game and get a burger. I'm really looking forward this this...really...I need it.

Welcome news! Needless to say there's been a HUGE void in Metuchen ever since Cryan's closed down.

I'd suggest to the pub that not only showing soccer matches on TV but sponsoring a local men's league soccer team (as Cryan's did years ago) would go a long way towards creating a true "Community" atmosphere not to mention a proper "pub" atmosphere.

May the luck o the Irish be with you!

Tyreen, you are certainly welcome as long as you aren't there to crack us Tims over the head with a broken bottle.

Steve, I am certainly just kidding. I'd rather the place is packed with Rangers fans then Man U fans (being a Liverpool FC fan).

The Republic of Ireland is a sovereign nation, completely separate from England. Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain along with England, Scotland and Wales.

If any one else is wondering what the heck we are talking about see this link. FYI, the link might not be safe for work.

Scots-American Club in Kearny...that's one of my parents' old stomping grounds. That and Doyle's on Kearny Ave. My love of Irish pubs started there. Thanks for the memory.

I thought Ireland was part of England, British Isles and all that.

Bad teeth, smoke like fiends, drink like fish, kind of seem the same to me

So technically,it would be wrong to show any English games in an Irish Pub let alone Scottish ones. Last time I checked on a map,Celtic played in Scotland too. I'm sure you were just kidding. I'm glad there is some interest in the Scots.

Michael - we'd promise to recognize the pub as foreign territory and behave accordingly... it's just too far for this old lady to travel to the Scots-American in Kearny anymore.

'Gers fans in an Irish pub ?!? That's just plain wrong!

Guiness was mentioned in the interview above. Yes,it's a great beer. DogFishHead makes very strong beer,which Im sure everyone would like,not just the ladies. And they did say they were getting Blue Moon. I suggested what I thought might be a better wheat.

Yeah it is about time. Metuchen has needed a good old fashioned Irish Pub for soooo long.
This Irish family and our three little irish lassies are so looking forward to celebrating St Patty's Day with you.
Congrats and best wishes.

Forty posts and no mention of Guinness? Are there any Irish in this town? Dogfishhead and wheat beer? At least the ladies will be happy with that selection. All you need is Guinness on tap ,"Bar Room Hero" and "Death Of an American" on the jukebox , some big TV's and everything else will fall into place. Make sure the tap lines are not long, keep the tap close to the kegs, too many bars make the mistake of putting the kegs in the basement.The beer sits in the lines and gets stale. Clean your lines once a week and you will be OK. Good Luck

This is great news. Best wishes to the Flynns. My derby goes off to you for taking such a huge step in the current economic environment and I pledge to do my share to help your business boom. I for one can almost promise you that you will see me and my husband in for a burger and a beer at least once a week,and we will be sure to bring some friends along. I am very excited!

It all sounds good and with the Marcille's help it will look good too. great choices so far! can't open soon enough.

That cider sounds great.

Of course we can, provided you and your friends come down to see us often.

thank you sweetie but I am an 81 year old great grandmother and a was a teacher for 30 years I don't drink beer anymore but I certainly will accept a nice glass of Irish Whiskey if you can offer that.

Wow. The United States men's soccer team has advanced to the finals of the FIFA Confederation's Cup by beating Spain 2-0. Spain is currently the number one soccer team in the world, this is just amazing and may be one of soccer's biggest upsets of all time.

Yep, I know, but the problem is that its in HP!

Also agree with Steve R at 11:16 about the beer selections (especially Victory and Belgian, but tons of other great microbrews to choose from that are a must at any serious bar/pub AFAIK), and about the wasted liquor license at Sawadee.

since, i own the pub, and i appreciate your kind words about our tribute to Mike F, first beer on the house

I would like to say I thought it was such a kind heart-felt gesture for the proprietor(s) to come up with the micro-brew in memory of Mike Fucile. I am 100% Irish and have lived in town since the late 1940's...It's about time!

there goes my liver

Come for a run? Why not meet me in the ally and we'll see who is a pansy. Ha!

Was joking about football though, love to watch soccer also even wathc ome Mexico league on Univision sometimes and would also show up for some Rugby matches

Would love to see them all with a tasty pint in hand

I wish my company had its board meetings at a pub.

yes on grand opening day the exact date not set yet but late august early sept is the gal thanks for the intertest See you at the Pub

Our first bar fight. Its easy to hide behind anonymous. One more suggestion,a English-Irish-Scottish cider on tap. They are much better than what ive tasted of US made ones.

We need more bars. More BEER

The good news is the NFL and the EPL rarely overlap, so they can show both.

Hopefully European football can help draw crowds from outside metuchen as well. You can go almost anywhere on a Sunday and see the NFL, but it's hard to find a good place to watch the EPL in this area. The Dublin House in Red Bank was the closest.

hey 842am...

why not come out for a run and see who is a pansy?

As much as I like Sawadee, the liquer license was wasted there. I'm sure it will be a great place to go and watch baseball as well? I'm glad to see you are going to carry Sams seasonals as well as have a microbrew come up with a house beer, but I'd like to see a more daring choice or 2 as well. Like DogFishHead,Victory or Flying Fish. I'd also like to see a German or Belgian Wheat as Blue Moon doesn't really cut it. I would also suggest a jukebox with the complete works of the Pogues on it. Anyway, can't wait to order my first Sheppards Pie,watch a Wolverhampton game (now in the Premiere League),and drink some great brews. This is the best Metuchen news in a long time.

Worldwide, soccer has way more fans than NFL football. Get over yourself.

Hopefully they'll have the big screen for the greatest game in the world, NFL Football

Don't really like watching a bunch of pansy boys with mullets running around in their shorts

PeterLoewy's comment reminds me of a quote I once heard (can't remember who said it...)

"If I had my life to live over, I would live over an Irish pub."

They own other thai resturants (pad thai in hp is one), so you can still get their food.

Hey Chris,
Congratulations, best of luck in seeing your dream come true!!!!Jodi, I can magically see the halo on your head and Victor, please give my son Patrick a job!!!!!!BTW, I love the name!!

Glad we're finally getting a pub in town, and the place sounds like it's gonna be great, but too bad Sawadee is closing (guess that's the liquor license though)....I like their food.

So long as Glasgow Rangers fans are welcome, we'll be loyal customers!

we are taking over the entire restaurant and making it an irish inspired family pub.

Are they going into the part of Sawadee that's always empty or is Sawadee going out of business?

As Oscar Wilde once said, "Work is the curse of the drinking class."

And for those of us who aren't Irish but always wanted to be, "God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world" - Ed McMahon

Good luck on the opening and "don't let anyone ever steal your lucky charms." - Frau Farbissener

A welcome addition to Main Street!

I have been three times to the "Old Sod." It is good to see a real PUB in Metuchen. IRA stay out.

Sounds great, and can't wait..."See you Tomorrow"

Sounds like a great addition to the town. Good luck, and we'll be checking it out!

Have been waiting for a good ol' pub / burger place to open in Metuchen for YEARS -- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the clothing drive on opening day?

Sounds GREAT! I've always wished for a traditional pub in this town. Greatly looking forward to it!

Congratulations to the Flynn family and their investors and supporters. This is welcomed news for Metuchen and Main Street. Our family looks forward to opening day (and night!) Sláinte!

Thank God! Slainte!

I can taste the Shepherd's pie now. Count my family in.

It was hilarious to hear my irish aunt say "Good crack last night." The first time friends heard it they were like, your aunt smokes crack?

put on the EPL, La Liga, and maybe even the Italians once in a while-- i'm there.

count me in for the soccer, that would be awesome

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