New Principals and Kindergarten Classes lead discussions at recent school board meetings


Moss School enrollment for the 09-10 class is 169 students, up from approximately 130. Seven half-day Kindergarten sessions have been approved for the '09-'10  school year.  At Monday's PT Council meeting, the impact of this large incoming Kindergarten class on Campbell School the following year was asked but not yet addressed.  There are always more 1st graders than kindergarteners in the public school system as children do transfer to Campbell from private, full-day kindergarten programs.  It is not yet known if enrollment numbers are up because there are more children in town or if fewer children are attending private kindergarten programs.   


The retirement of two principals, John Novak at Metuchen High School and Robert Gugliara at Campbell School, is also being addressed. 'Mr. G.' submitted his resignation with a proposal for transition, and so the search for his replacement is well under way and planned to be complete by the end of the school year.  There are  currently 13 semifinal candidates: 3 internal, 10 external. The selection committee is made up of administrators and teachers: Mrs. Sinatra, Mr. G., Mr. Pineiro, Mr. Peragallo, Mrs. Sharkey, Mrs. Keers-Nolde, and Mrs. Donahue.

At Monday's PT Council meeting, Mrs. Sinatra explained she would submit a plan of action for the  High School principal replacement to the BOE by June 16th and hoped to get final approval at a yet-to-be-scheduled special BOE meeting by the end of June. 


If you would like to weigh-in on principal selection criteria guidelines, please plan to attend the Board of Education meeting TOMORROW EVENING at 8:00 in the Metuchen High School cafeteria.   It will also be broadcast on MeTV.


Caliber. I think you meant to write of the CALIBER of school your children attend.

St. Francis kindergarten enrollment increasing this year has more to do with failures of other Catholic schools in the area - I think St. Matthew's - than in response to anything going on in Metuchen.

Now who's making an ignorant statement? There are and will be molesters everywhere. There are constantly reports of cases in public schools as well. There is no need to insult all employees/faculty of a local catholic school(St. Joes) by making blanket statements. Also, if you don't have facts about these two "supposed cases" you really shouldn't mention it at all. Quite frankly it sounds like you're making it up.

Not to mention having you kids around a group of men that have had problems in the past keeping their hands out of the boys shorts.

Wasnt there at least two confirmd molesters at St. Joes in the past?

Oh right, its all better now, they students got paid off so everyone just shuts up about it.

I think it is an ignorant statement to say that the boys that graduate from the private schools are more prepared. You can't compare the % of students going to a 4 year b/c some of the students coming out of Public school just can't afford a 4 year school to start at. They may be just as prepared as your son, their family may make the choice to begin at a 2 year school MHS sends around the same % as St. Joes when you combine 2 year and 4 year schools.

1:21 Everyone has the right to send their children to the schools of their choice. The enrollment for St Francis Kindergarten is up also for next year, so your above theory is incorrect. Face it, there are more students entering Kindergarten this year than last. As for High School, you saying it is "Pissing your money away" is a very ignorant statement. The boys that graduate from that calibur of a school are better prepared to enter college. I remember reading the low rates of college bound MHS Seniors. St Joes has over 95% students entering 4 year college programs. My famiy works very hard to send our children to private school and I am very proud of how well my children are becoming well rounded individuals. I could never spend too much money on my children's education. We are not rich, we just have diferent priorities than you!

Also, seems like less folks are pissing away their money sending their kids to St. Joes or St Thomas.

Who can afford those schools when you are already shelling out all the $$$s to the Metuchen schools through property taxes

20, maybe even 10 years ago the HS has graduating classes closer to 100, now they're getting closer to 150.

Here's the last four years form MHS from the school report card:

Enrollment by Grade
Counts of students "on-roll" by grade in October of each school year.
Grade 2007-
2008 2006-
2007 2005-
2006 2004-
Grade 9 144.0 163.0 177.0 150.0
Grade 10 166.0 178.5 149.0 135.0
Grade 11 173.0 164.0 139.5 122.5
Grade 12 153.0 137.5 119.5 150.0
Special Ed.
(ungraded) 5.0 1.5
School 641.0 644.5 585.0 557.5

the reason sections are added is b/c people now want to see less than 25 kids in a class. It doesn't mean that there are more students than 20 years ago, just louder parents. there will always be the cost implications. The HS at one time used to support almost double the amount of students that attend today. Just a matter of what residents are willing to pay for.

The Middlesex County Planning Board web site has the breakdown of the numbers under demographics.

In the past there were actually fewer houses but more people. Go figure.

True, there aren't as many kids in the schools as there were in the 1970s, but, HELLO, there is also ONE LESS SCHOOL.

Actually -- the population can decrease but demographics change so that there are more children. In that case, the population (as noted by the table above) does in fact decrease, but the number of children within the town can increase -- which places more children into the school system and requires more sections to open. Now that Campbell has to accomodate all 4 grades having 7 sections -- next year if they have the new first grade class with 8 sections, it could be problematic.

Regardless of what those numbers seem to say, there are more kids in the schools. Even if the population has decreased since 1970, why do we keep adding more sections? This year there are 6 sections of kindergarten, and next year there are 7 (with 24 kids in each class) Sounds like more kids to me. It's hard to make decisions just based on population without considering the real numbers you are seeing in the enrollment. What do those population numbers represent? It is total number of people, regardless of age? It is just adults? Where can I find the source and description of those numbers?

I did it for you


wow, real population boom


Uh, maybe do a little research, Metuchens population is still lower than it was in the 1970's.

Check your numbers first.

It's not just that. It's that seniors who have lived in town for fifty years are selling their homes and young families are moving in. Or they still have their house but their adult children and grandkids have moved in with them.

You don't have to look very far to see the source of the influx of kids. Condos, townhouses and apartments OH MY!

Hello, trailers!

I've heard that they are trying to get a 4th section in the afternoon, too. If that goes through, that would make 8 sections. But you are right, as of now, it is only 7 sections. BUT, it could be 8 -- and then what happens the following year in 1st grade?

My understanding is that there will be 7 sections of K -- there will only be one morning class added. But that would still mean, I would think, that there is likely to be need for expansion on that number into 1st grade.

Even if the amount of children in private kindergarten has gotten smaller, I still think that the number of first graders will be larger. The school only has room to accomodate 7 sections of first grade (unless there are expansion plans underway, of which I am unaware.) If there are 8 sections of kindergarten, then wouldn't we need at least 8 sections of first grade to accomodate those children and any (if any) transfers in from private kindergarten?
My understanding was that we always had 6 sections of classes until the current 5th graders enterd first grade. They made 7 sections, and it has been 7 sections ever since. If the entering kindergarten students make 8 sections, the possibility exists that we will continue to see 8 sections (of course, the possibility also exists that this is an unusually large class, and the next class will be smaller.) But, the recent trends have shown an increase in each year. We should prepare for the possiblity (or at least be talking about possible solutions.) I'd hate to see temporary classrooms back at Campbell.

No for BOE it has to be Ron's fault. LOL

Teri had a good piont that a lot of kids who may have gone to private full day kindergarten may now be in the public system. I am sure that there are years where some grades are larger than others, it is hard to predict what is going to happen next year.

It's all Ed's fault!!

Just adding in the usual kneejerk cooment that seem so prevalent among the clowns here in town.

7:34, that would be no, because of short sighted planning and a refusal to recognize the steady growth in student population.

Also -- remember that 6 sections of kindergarten have been making 7 sections of 1st grade at Campbell. If we have 7 (or 8 sections of kindergarten) -- will Campbell have the space to accomodate 8 or 9 sections of first grade the following year?!

it should be less in kindergarten.

24 kids in each class is what the third grade has now.

24 children in each class? That sounds like a lot, maybe we can talk about adding an eighth class.

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