Stop & Shop: Demolition has begun


An eyesore for too long, the old Stop & Shop building is one step closer to being history; the demolition process has begun.  We've learned the contractor is currently working on asbestos removal and capping all of the utilities. Once that work has been completed, they will need to submit paperwork for demolition.


Renaissance Properties has construction of the first District at Metuchen building slated for Spring of 2010 - depending on 'market conditions.'   


Stop and shop moved in 2001.

Stop & Shop bought Edwards shortly before they left.

Mayfair - Foodtown - Edwards - Stop & Shop

Wasnt Edwards the last store to be there?

Stop and Shop moved in 2003.

Eight years, whatever, so now you are whining after 2 months?

Grow up

It's been eight years.

Its been what, 2 months?

Where were your complaints about how it looks for the past 20 years?


Okay-the dumpsters are gone and there is a tacky fence put up. Did they file the papers to demolish-how long is this going to take. It looks awful.

Nothing on record yet regarding Renaissance buying the Cryan's property - no notice of settlement has been filed with the county clerk.

Boy, that would be lots of homes. think of all those kids.

Heard Renaissance is trying to buy the Duchess, the car shop, and the house behind the Duchess.

"Market conditions" says it all. I dont think we will see this development for a very very long time.

They have a room. It's called the Metuchen forum at Please go back there to have your arguments. Don't disturb the peace and quiet here at MM.

Also known as the speed gun lady

Who is Bulldoggee?

7:48, They are retiming the lights. That's about it.

Bulldoggee and 1001. Perfect together.

Woo hoo, whats it been, like 15 years empty?

Good job everyone who worked hard on getting this going, hope the market improves enough to start building soon.

And as the OP stated above "Manley and the stop Renaissance crew can go bite it."

How are they going to rework traffic? It is hard to tell on that map.

If you want them you should contact them. They'll go in a dumpster like everything else.

um...back to the original topic----S&S demolition:

I'm thrilled to see that demolition has begun!

I hope they save the tin ceilings that are in the house closest to the rail road.

wow, you two really need to get a room

I never said you could take away my constitutional rights, that was your leap. I just said I was going to continue to exercise my constitutional rights. You, apparently, are going to continue to insult me, which you have now declared to be your constitutional right. Well, I guess everyone needs a hobby.

I love learning about history and the law from you bulldoggee, you are so wise. Please, teach me more.

Once and for all, no one, not me, not anyone, has tried to take away your constitutional right to free speech. Since you are such a constitutional scholar, I, as a private person, CANNOT take away your constitutional rights to free speech because the constitution only prohibits the limiting of such speech by state action. So, stop your whining about your constitutional rights.

Second, it is MY constitutional right to criticize YOU. You may even be deemed a "public figure" under the law because you constantly put yourself into the public eye with your propaganda, partisanship and blind advocacy of your friends in and out of government on every issue. Research the law bulldoggee, even private citizens can be deemed "public figures" for the purpose of defamation law. With that said, nothing here has come even close to defaming you. So, again, stop your whining.

Oh wait, you can't stop whining, it's who you are.

I still fail to see how a person who votes for candidates of both parties can be partisan. But that wasn't the comment I was referring to, and you know it.

I will continue to exercise my constitutional right to criticize government officials. It's one of our most basic constitutional rights, and knowledge of that simple fact does not require any constitutional analysis.

Apparently some feel we should adhere to the British system, where public officials, once elected, are given a certain amount of deference. Well you are about 233 years too late for that.

Haha. Calling you a tireless partisan hack is bullying?? No, it's calling you out for being who you are. You just cannot take criticism at the same time that you make a career (unpaid?) out of criticizing others. Stop with your constitutional analysis, you've been wrong on the law so many times, you should just refrain from referring to it altogether.

You can keep repeating it, but that doesn't make it true.

Expressing one's opinions about public officials is a constitutional right, even if your opinion is negative. Picking on private citizens is bullying.

Oh bulldoggee, stop your sanctimony. You've called each one of your political adversaries much worse, and you know it. You are a tireless hack, and more and more people are starting to take notice of your propaganda.

So let me get this straight. People who exercise their constitutional right to express their opinions about government officials and how they enforce our zoning and spend our tax money are nasty disgusting windbags, but people who call other private citizens nasty disgusting windbags think they are taking the high road. That's whacked. obviously have tons of time to post your rants on this board. With all that time, how about YOU run for office and fix all the town's woes. You seem to have all the answers windbag.

As I recall he made a statement to that effect at a public meeting.

Bulldoggee to the rescue again, with her 4:38 p.m. post! Nice to see that you are so smart that you can tell us all what Justin "thought"!

12:44, He never tried to "stop" them. He just thought the development should be built under the town's then-current zoning, not have its own ordniance written for it by the developer's planner. And he wasn't the only one.

Wow is this town angry! It's like a horror film, "Dawn of the Dead Politicians." Come see an entire community destroyed by a group of self serving politicians only interested in their own interests and our vote!
Where are the Independents in this bankrupt borough?

paraphrased from a politician whose name I don't recall - The problem with local politics is sooner or later everyone hates you. Half of them hated you to start with, then your supporters begin to fall by the wayside once you make one decision they disagree with. Ultimately, you end up with no one.

It's not about him, it's about his actions. Led the campaign to try and stop Rennaissance. And we don't believe that he is looking forward to the development and wishing them great success.

Sorry. Not buying it.

Wow Justin. Some of these folks really don't like you. Looking at their logic and lack of consideration for facts, I'd take it as a compliment.

Yeah, sure you do.

I stand by my previous comments on the Renaissance Development from these very pages. As a Councilman I voted in favor of an initiative that will help Renaissance get started sooner than later. I look forward to the development and wish them great success.

Hooray for the demolition! "Market conditions", ugh. This could take a while.

Yeah baby, bount freaking time. And Manley and the stop Renaissance crew can go bite it.

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  • Anonymous: Stop and Shop moved in 2003. read more
  • Anonymous: Eight years, whatever, so now you are whining after 2 read more
  • Anonymous: It's been eight years. read more
  • Anonymous: Its been what, 2 months? Where were your complaints about read more
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  • Anonymous: Nothing on record yet regarding Renaissance buying the Cryan's property read more
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