Obama to Stump for Corzine at Rutgers Rally July 16th in New Brunswick


bilde.jpgAlthough Chris Christie has said that he won't be inviting newly-resigned Alaskan Governor and Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin to stand with him in any pre-election appearances, Governor Jon Corzine has reached into his bag of campaign tricks and announced that President Barack Obama, Palin's former opponent, will be at his side on HIS campaign trail. At noon on July 16th at Rutgers campus in New Brunswick, at the Voorhees Mall lawn, the first sitting president to speak in the area since 2007 will rally in support of the governor. This opportunity for you to hear the president speak requires a little online registration time but, if they are available, all ticket reservations are free to the public.

Check out this link: http://www.mycentraljersey.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=200990701008 for more information.


The truth of the matter is that if Spitzer were still in office, this wall street greed would have been curtailed. Let's face it. He stood up to Wall Street and pissed off a lot of those folks and his own Aristocrat party.We need to bring justice and balance back to NJ and this country. Vote for the right reason not for the party. Aristocrats are no different than the GOP. This country is in a pivotal time in history and God help us that things get better because there could be a repeat of history from our earliest years as a country. Socialism works for some countries who have the systems and checks in place. Do you know the SBA is a government agency which lent billions of dollars to promote enterprise, Do you know what happened? The billions of dollars were your dollars that were never recouped. These were loans that were never repaid. Here's an example and a real example of why this social system will not work and will bankrupt Americans (taxpayers). Government is meant to be run by the people and for the people, not the inverse. When we get over the celebrity politics the rest of you will wake up.

Arts Center it is!

52K requests

Firms moving from NJ to Pennsyltucky?

Ha, thats funny

Well, I can not speak to Dewey other other then History and that speaks for itself. You could make a comparison between Dewey and Spitzer. You could further argue that prosecutors do not make good politicians by adding Spitzer. It is not equal though. A big difference, Dewey survived because the one thing he was not was corrupt just nasty. I can speak to Spitzer. I did meet him. He was corrupt and I had a long conversation with him. I found him odd, narcissistic off key and very nasty.

My friend, as to the economy taking a bad turn last summer that was the final kicker. Over the past 10 years millions of people between 40 & 50 have been thrown out of work and are now surviving on bare means. Not working. It is no longer reportable. So they 15% number of reportable/nonreported is a guess and most guess that it is actually higher. The country was ready for Obama because the prior rhetoric did not match the reality. I did not vote for Obama but not because I did not like him or because I thought him incapable, I was sending a message to the left wing of my party do not get carried away. I am happy that Obama is president.

Is Corzine responsible. Please show me one business man who does not feel that way. In one company I do business with they spent 80 grand in accounting and legal fees to prove to the state that taxes claimed were in fact properly paid to another state. That was $80 grand less to the bottom line and employee bonuses. I will tell you something if business people opened up more to what was going on the rest of you would be shocked. Instead, it is not worth their time, they are just moving the firms out to PA or CT less aggravation.

You have to go back to Dewey of NY for that? What about Spitzer?

Here is the kicker for Corzine, if the economy is still in trouble come election time, he is in deep trouble. Say what you want about the war, abortion, healthcare and the like, but until the financial crisis hit, it is a fact that Obama was behind in the polls.

McCain couldn't answer questions on how he would help the economy and Obama could, plus McCain was tied to Bush.

Had the economy not taken a major turn last summer, I doubt Obama would have won. If the job situation in NJ does not turn around and fast, Corzine is in very big trouble.

Is that fair? Is Corzine at fault for all our job losses and our high taxes? Of course not, but that is the way it works.

Well, assuming you will not respond with three answers. When last in Washington Corzine got grilled by White House CoS Emmanuel before he would get Obama's support. They want to know what he is doing, since his campaign so far looked disorganized. Presidents make time to campaign. Obama's trip will cost several million dollars which the DNC will pick up a large part.

The Obama administration is a) concerned about the low poll numbers of Corzine; b) a major shift in a blue state that went for the administration and c) let's face it the ineptitude of Corzine to get anything done.

As to jobs, go ask Menedez, Lauthebeurg and Pallone. Though difficult because the trouble is NJ government does not promote business. You know, not everyone was designed for the pharmaceutical industry. What Corzine can do is take money he is given and spend it on road construction (mostly repaving); and existing government operations. Is that what I want no is that what you want who knows?

My view that sure as heck does not help unemployed/underemployed stock brokers, lawyers, bankers, IT specialists and clerks to name a few of the nearly 15% unemployed or on the sidelines.

But, I am running into a lot of 30 somethings who could care less and think what ever exists is inept, and so why bother. Block it out. Very hard to say how it is going to go. Corzine naive at best and Christie an honest guy with lots of rhetoric but I learned a long time ago good prosecutors do not necessarily make good leader. I seem to recall a Governor Thomas Dewey of New York. Mediocre at best as a governor and vewry poor as a presidential candidate.

I am a democrat. Why would Pres. Obama support this guy and how does the president have time to campaign with all of the issues the country is facing. We need jobs.

Forget one. Let's try the Arts Center in Holmdel Over 50K requests. What a jam up on the parkway. Thank you not.

Just got an e mail from the Corzine campaign. They are changing the venue and I quote "Due to the tremendous response we received to our upcoming event with President Obama, we are finalizing plans to change to a more secure venue that allows for more people to attend". Sounds like the Prudential Center or Atlantic City to me.

I like to take the train to NB myself. If you have to wait 20 minutes to get a train to go back you can always browse in the RU bookstore.

The Lynch bridge? That's still a long walk.

walk across the 18 bridge, do it all the time,
Nice walk through campus to Voorhees

Johnson Park? Landing Lane bridge? That's at the opposite end of the College Ave campus from Voorhees Mall. The train station is one block from Voorhees.

Drive to the Park across the river in Piscataway, then walk over on the bridge. Going to be fantastic!

Yes Tyreen take the train, it will be GRIDLOCK with a capital G. I remember when Carter visited New Brunswick, it was just crazy. People who don't have tickets will come to New Brunswick from all over. I work in New Brunswick and I'm most likely taking the train that day too.

Yeah, it looks like all the reservations/tickets are gone, but I am going to try to go down on the train with my son - perhaps we'll get lucky. If not, perhaps just a visit to Thomas Sweet!

Uh didn't Obama run against McCain not Palin?

According to Corzine's site, they have already reached capacity.


See ya there

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