The Kids Theater Experience: Coming to Main Street this Fall

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ComedyandTragedy.jpegThe well known Preschool Experience and Enrichment Academy (463 Main Street) will partner with two local artists, Ann Marie Mullen and Beth Lucas, to offer dramatic arts classes for children ages 6-16 years, starting this fall.


"The Kids Theater Experience will introduce the joy of theatrical arts and creative expression in an age-appropriate, intimate, and encouraging way"  said program director Ann Marie Mullen. "Our philosophy is to incorporate fun, creativity and essential social skills for the older child through expression in theatrical arts. We hope to provide a positive and fun outlet for children."   


REGISTRATION:  Click here  to register online or visit the open house on August 13th, 18th or 19th  from 6-8pm at The Preschool Experience school on Main Street (next to the Swim Shop).  Students and their parents are welcome to attend, check out the school, and meet the teachers.

CLASS CONTENT:  Workshops will include Movement, Improvisation, Vocal Technique, Stage Basics, and Scene and Monologue Study, with theater games - to name a few, and will culminate with a final performance.  Classes will be grouped by age and limited to 10 - 12 students (with 2 teachers). Sessions will run for 10 weeks and the $15 registration is waved if completed by August 20th. 


We asked Ann Marie and Beth how they came to develop their program, Ann Marie explained:


"Lisa Merseles, director of the Preschool Experience for over 13 years, has cultivated an outstanding reputation in preschool education throughout Central NJ. She approached me on expanding the school curriculum to incorporate enrichment courses in the arts. I sent my own children to her when they were preschoolers, and know she has wonderful reading, writing, math, science and creative art classes for the very young child. I was thrilled to be part of this expansion in include older children.


Several years back,  Beth and I were discussing our pre-children careers and how we might incorporate our professional experience with our lives as parents. We understand the importance of skills such as public speaking, problem solving and leadership, working cooperatively, and self confidence and know how to cultivate them through a fun learning outlet in theatrical arts. With Beth, a NJ-certified music teacher and I, a professional working actress, we knew our training was a great blend." 


Visit the tktexperience website to learn more about the classes and the staff.

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