BOE and MHS Principal Search Committee and New Educational Forum For Our Readers

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The new principal of Metuchen High School will be officially hired in July 2010 but the process, the search and the search committee itself, came under investigation by the public at the Board of Education meeting last night. Community members voiced their concerns over the fact that there would be no parent representatives on the search committee to fill this important academic post in the district.

Although it was stated several times that the Board will not make up the bulk of the participating members of the search committee, the public continued to stress the Board to ensure that the committee would be comprised of a variety of people--some with educational backgrounds and others with expertise in other fields. The pursuit of a professional job search consultant was offered at one point, but this idea was deemed not within the present budget for planned advertisements (at present, Superintendent Terri Sinatra gauged that $5,000 was available for placing employment ads in nationally-read periodicals like the New York Times).

In keeping up with this debate, which will continue throughout the process, Metuchen Matters will debut an educational forum, Education Matters, as an integral part of our community discussion process. With the principal search, the upcoming budget discussions for next year and the enlarged enrollment in district schools creating new avenues for conversation, we expect this to become an important tool in the voicing of the opinions of all community members on these and other topics.  Click here to enter the forum.

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