Pay It Forward--Making Book on Weathering Financial Crisis

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I love books--I love the way they look, feel, smell, sound (not sure about the tasting part of this equation) but my days of walking out of any bookstore, new or old,  carting many dollars' worth of books is on hold until the financial clouds clear away. I know that a lot of friends are doing the same--so I love this story. Take a look! I love that this kind of thing is going on out in the world. When things get tough, something's gotta give and it won't be the mortgage or the groceries.

Some good soul in NYC has been collecting books and giving them out gratis to stressed-out commuters. She is determined to inject a little intellectual stimulation and cultural joy into what could otherwise be yet another grey and depressing stomp through the worlds of unemployment or just a dreary workday. Brilliant. Free books! Who can resist?

The Huffington Post originally reported this tale and then went on to state at the bottom of their post that they are doing whatever they can to balance out all the lousy stories about bad stuff with stories about local heroes who are helping out their fellow Americans who are down on their luck. So why not Metuchen, too? What are you doing to help your fellow biped find comfort in these uncomfortable climes? Yes, we are inquiring minds and we want to know!

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