So Much Done, So Much Yet to Do: Metuchen Town Development


Even the sign around the District area, with its colorful announcements about the bounties coming to the old Stop & Shop site, makes the area look better. It's a nicer way to enter the town on 27--it looks like the promised future is truly coming after all. With all the improvements on Main Street (including the prettified Variety Village, the jewelers being built next door, the repairs to Lucca's underway, the new Irish pub about to open and the improved pizza shop facade), Metuchen is looking a little spiffier.

So why isn't that building on Middlesex Avenue finished yet? It stands next to the busy Friendly's and faces See-More and other active shops and looks like it's set for new occupants. But it has been like this for the past five years--when is K&W Realty going to make this building a wonderful addition to the other ongoing development in town? Throughout last year's conversations about reimagining Metuchen as a vital downtown area for our residents and those in the neighboring areas, how did this not get addressed? Hopefully, its vacant windows will soon offer us an idea of what is yet to come, another link in the chain of progress that downtown Metuchen offers.



Couldn't they just ask the building department what is going on and have the fire inspector and construction official check it out?

Nothing is stopping the tax assessor from reassessing it. He seems to be behind. A house on Grove that put on a big addition that has been finished for over a year has not yet been reassessed, but I know other people who were reassessed even before they had their final inspections.

Jana, it was addressed two Boro Council meetings ago. As to what? Councilman Cammarano raised the issue noting that he has been unable to get a response from the property owner, that he was concerned about fire safety and code violations and when it was going to be finished. Cammarano suggested that a possible option could be for the town to claim it as an abandoned property and in the meantime start assessing the building as a ratable. The Boro Administrator has the action along with the Boro Attorney.

Well, at least the ball is rolling. My opinion, an abandoned property no--someone is there doing work just about every day; claiming payment as a ratable yes, should have been done already. Good question as to why not? Eye off the ball.

I do not want to see lawsuits on this, it costs all of us money nor, do I want to see this guy making money for us litigating either and the chance of him winning on damages. Truth is a builder slows down their building construction for what ever reason very difficult in this state to do something short of forcing work stoppage for violations that will make the project completion longer.

Look at Asbury Park or Long Branch in the 1960-70's there were numerous skeletons of buildings looking a whole lot uglier for lack of financing or bankruptcy. All I can say is be glad you did not live in Long Branch or Asbury Park during that period.

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