Principal Hiring Forum Offers Scroll of Hopes and Expectations for New Leader


Superintendent Terri Sinatra called it a "meaningful and important task"--and clearly the hundred or so community members who attended her Tuesday night forum on Phase 2 of the High School Principal Hiring process agreed completely. After the Phase 1 announcement of this process at the end of the school year in June, this Phase 2 opportunity for the community-at-large to weigh in with what they think are the most important requirements for the best possible candidate for this position precedes the final  Phase--a Discussion of Process that will continue at the next Board of Education meeting.

Individual groups facilitated by a variety of school administrators and principals from the other district institutions came up with a laundry list that, if put end to end, would resemble a classic Santa's scroll of hopes and dreams. In short, the new administrator should be a maverick visionary who would be interactive with community, schoolchildren and faculty in a balanced and carefully considered leadership role in which the perfect candidate brings high personal achievements and high administrative and financially-expansive goals to our small, tightly-knit community. It is a daunting task, to say the least, but not one person who attended thought it impossible.

If you were unable to comment in person at the Forum on the elemental roles and responsibilities that will make up the "job model" of the new principal, Mrs. Sinatra asked that you express your ideas on the District website for the next week or so. A handout titled "Dimensions and Subdimensions of School Leadership" will also be on the site for your perusal.  


There were about 20 people in each room discussing, as well as administrators, Board of Ed members, journalists. The public has one more opportunity to voice their opinions at the next Board of Education meeting. If they missed this, hopefully they will be able to attend that one.

I beg to differ on the amount of people who attended this meeting. I was there and I would say at most there were 40 people. I could not believe how few people turned out for such an important issue. I guess the BOE should have threatened to take away the football team, then you would have seen 100 + people come out to complain. The priorities of this town astound me. It was gratifying to see that each of the groups in the 4 rooms all came out with the same wants and needs in a principal. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this meeting.

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