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MV5BMTI0NTMwMzAxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODYzODAwMQ@@__V1__SX99_SY140_.jpgLinus: [to Sally as she walks away with everyone else] Hey, aren't you going to stay to greet the Great Pumpkin? Huh? It won't be long now. If the Great Pumpkin comes, I'll still put in a good word for you!
[realizes what he just said]
Linus: Good grief! I said "if"! I meant, "when" he comes!
Linus: I'm doomed. One little slip like that could cause the Great Pumpkin to pass you by. Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?

Council Election 2009: The Candidates answer a few questions

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3Candidates09.jpeg                  Sheri-Rose Rubin             Richard Weber               Joe Vassallo

Election Day is less than one week away. And, as you know, three dedicated residents are vying for two vacating seats on the Borough Council. The Democratic Candidates are Richard Weber and Sheri-Rose Rubin. Joe Vassallo is running on the Republican ticket. Here are their answers to a few questions that we thought might help provide information on who they are and what they'd like to see for Metuchen:

What is your feeling about downtown development?  What would you do in your role on the Council to ensure Metuchen is a business friendly community that promotes smart growth while maintaining a good quality of life?


Joe Vassallo: 


I believe that responsible downtown development is, and always has been, a concern of all of our residents.  Republican Council members have worked hard to streamline the zoning process and make it easier to attract new businesses by introducing the change of use ordinance. We need to continue to move in a direction which would attract additional suitable businesses to our downtown and encourage local residents to shop here. I have seen great success in other municipalities that have established an affiliation with Main Street USA and we should examine that as an option. We also have to carefully, and completely review any large scale downtown development projects to avoid any potential negative impact on quality of life within Metuchen.


The three most important issues facing the residents of Metuchen, in no particular order, are: Traffic congestion, maintaining the level and quality of municipal services, and responsible development. As a supervisor of a municipal traffic unit I have participated in a number of surveys and projects specifically aimed at reducing traffic congestion and identifying hazardous driving conditions.  I will bring that experience to the Council and I plan to introduce several suggestions designed to reduce traffic congestion throughout the Borough.  I have participated in budgeting for municipal services for the past 15 years for a similar municipality and I have sought, written, and received numerous grant awards which supplemented the budget for the police department there. I would propose that we continue to seek any grant funding available to alleviate the potential burden of tax increases. We have all experienced the unpleasant result of unfettered development and the burden it places on our municipal services. My experience in reviewing proposed projects and their impact on various quality of life issues will be an asset to residents of Metuchen and ensure responsible development.


Rubin and Weber:


The surge of new business activity on Main Street is extremely encouraging.  In addition to the District at Metuchen, we are looking forward to the opening of several new businesses and are witnessing renewed efforts by existing business and property owners to renovate and improve their buildings. 


The Council must continue to address perceived costly and burdensome on business and property owners. In response,  the Borough changed an ordinance to allow a business space to change from one permitted use to another without the need for costly plans or a planning board hearing. We also believe that the Borough should engage in a form of outreach as a means to attract diverse and unique business owners who will recognize the vibrant strengths of our downtown and seek to invest in the future of our community.

Governor Jon Corzine will be signing the Dismal Swamp Preservation Commission bill on Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 5 PM at the Triple C Ranch located at 206 Tyler Road in Edison, just off New York Boulevard.  Corzine is joining Assemblymen Peter Barnes and Patrick Diegnan, and the nonprofit Edison Wetlands Association (EWA) in forming this state commission to preserve the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area in Edison, South Plainfield, and Metuchen.

Protesters at Metuchen High post YouTube Video

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Street evangelists or controversy seekers?  You decide. PreachingJesus777Ministries 'taking the gospel to the streets where it belongs'  seems to believe Metuchen High is a good target and has been to the school a couple of times this week.  They were told to move it off of school grounds. Parents are hoping to remove the video from YouTube.  The organization doesn't seem to have much support - according to critics, they target groups where controversy will get them attention.  Here's what one person had to say:

On August 9th, Wild Rice was supposed to reopen after its owners took a much-needed vacation. With a prominent Facebook presence, it has been fascinating to track what they've been doing instead of feeding Metuchen--the restaurant is still closed and their Facebook home page said they apologize for "any inconvenience" this might cause. Considering that my family ate there at least once a week since it opened, it's a big hole in our culinary life. Anybody else miss it? While we're trying desperately to make downtown as vital as possible, the beautiful but dark facade of Wild Rice is like a big raspberry to our hopes for Main Street Metuchen.

And so I propose the following--if you are on Facebook, befriend Wild Rice and let them know, in your own inimitable fashions, that we want our Wild Rice! And we want it now! (Be strong but be nice!)

Oakland Crosswalk Starting to Shape Up


100_4058.jpgThis morning I drove past a solar panel above a switchbox at the corner of Oakland and Grove. This is a picture of it. Take a look at stimulus money in action--this much-maligned intersection is going to get the safety makeover promised by Borough Council. Just like Albert Brooks in BROADCAST NEWS ("I say it here and it comes out there"), the words of concerned citizens at the Council mike are turning into a safer street for the legions of Metuchenites, young and old, who use the park and bike and walk across those streets everyday.

Two Men Arrested in Metuchen Luring Incident

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The Star-Ledger has this report on the two Brooklyn men who were arrested in relation to the Metuchen luring incident from the 22nd . . .

Reminder: Haunted Halloween fun from Metuchen EMS

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grimlock_manor1.jpegGrimlock Manor: A Haunted Walkthrough Attraction


WHERE:   1 Safety Place Metuchen (EMS Headquarters)

WHEN:     October 30th, 31st and November 1st. 7PM-11PM Nightly

WHAT:     Two Great Attractions for One low price!

                Grimlock Manor - A Walkthrough Victorian Manor

                (Not recommended for small children without adult supervision.)

                Grimlock Graveyard & Crypt - A Guided Graveyard Tour. ( Fun for all ages.)


PRICE:   $8 for age 13 and over; $5 children 12 and younger 

              25% of all proceeds will benefit the Metuchen EMS

Historic Metuchen Coloring Book

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Coloringbook.jpegONLY 100 AVAILABLE!  - A Coloring book of the various historic buildings of Metuchen with proceeds benefiting the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society.

"The Society hopes children of all ages will enjoy putting their own creative touches on these local sites and, in the process, develop a greater appreciation for how these places make our area a very special place to grow-up" said Tyreen Reuter of the Historical Society.

Get Back to Beatlemania Again! At the Forum Saturday Night

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gif.gifSo you got BEATLES ROCK BAND and now what? You went back and took out all your old worn-out albums, introduced your kids to the wonders of WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS and NORWEIGEN WOOD, got everybody all excited watching the Shea Stadium concert, LET IT BE and A HARD DAY'S NIGHT . . . so what's next, Beatles fan?

Check out the Steampunk Droogs of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

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Using an explosive combination of musical accompaniment, from the Smiths to Peter Gabriel to Mott the Hoople and, of course, Alex's favorite Ludwig Van, Alex Dawson has given Anthony Burgess' A CLOCKWORK ORANGE a steampunked reinterpretation--and you can check it out at Middlesex County College this weekend, tonight and Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 2PM. With inspired performances by T.J. McNeill as Alex, Jason Jackson as the DJ, Shawn Harrison, Jess Masch, Jane Smith  and Metuchen's own Carlyle Owens playing multiple roles, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is a compelling and provocative stage production. Alex, the hormonally-raging and ravaging teen tornado (and his version of 'homies,' the Droogs) have been reconsidered by Dawson as "a teenage MacHeath (sort of Mack the Knife meets Ferris Bueller with the coke binge elocution of Robin William's genie from ALADDIN)." Without explicit violence and sexually graphic setpieces, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE presents Burgess' scary sneety in a nadmenny raskazz guaranteed to brosay a poogly kick to the audience's keeshkas. For translation and transcendent theatrical experience, get to the the show this weekend! Click on the very stylish ad to the left for ticket information.

P.S. If you'd rather make it a pre-Halloween event, there's a midnight performance on Fright Night, October 30th.

ALERT--10/22 Luring Incident Reported to School District


Alert Name:

Luring Incident

Alert Type:

School Information

Complete Message:

On the evening of 10/22 we received word from our police department that a luring incident occurred near our high school. An out of state car was hanging around a street near the high school and noticed by two of our students. A third student was walking by herself; she was approached by two men from their car. They were waving and calling out for her to join them in the car. The young lady ignored them and continued on her way. A boyfriend of the other two girls arrived to drive them home and he immediately notified the police and gave enough information for the police to apprehend and arrest the suspects. Please remind your children to refrain from tallking to strangers or getting into unfamiliar vehicles. Staff will be doing the same reminders.

School Name:

Metuchen School District

Sent By:

Terri Sinatra

Ender's Game Discussion Set for Metuchen Teen Read Week

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From Metuchen Public LIbrary:


On Sunday, October 25 at 2PM at the Metuchen Public Library, Metuchen's teens are

invited to celebrate Teen Read Week with a book discussion of the classic work of

science fiction, Ender's Game (1985) by Orson Scott Card. After the discussion, a short

video with the author will be shown and refreshments will be served.


Registration is open now. The first 18 people who sign up in-person at the Library for

this program will receive a free copy of Ender's Game, compliments of the Friends of

the Library. For more information, call 732-632-8526 or write the Young Adult Librarian

at KLiss@Lmxac.org.

Looking for Mr. Copperfield


200px-DavidCopperfieldNewJersey2008-05-08.jpgA reader recently wrote to us asking about the childhood home of one Mr. David Seth Kotkin, aka David Copperfield. The famed illusionist is a Metuchen native and his fans are clamoring for the address of the home in which he grew up.

Does anybody know it? If you do, tell us! And if you knew him way back in the day, send us a good story about the man who made the Statue of Liberty "disappear."

He may have his own island now, but his old Metuchen home wasn't just an illusion . . . or was it?? (cue spooky music . . . )

You should be able to smell the espresso by the first week in November when successful cafe entrepreneurs from Brooklyn bring their European style and Italian recipes to the Borough. 

Design images created by Christina Coutsoubelis Marcille of Spatial Forum in Metuchen. 

Benefit to support Kylie's Cure

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Metuchen police sergeant Arthur and Lisette Flaherty's 4 year old daughter Kylie Jo was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

The MPD family will participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk To Cure Diabetes on Sunday, October 25th at the Cook College Campus of Rutgers University.

Click here if you are able to join in the walk or would like to show your support by donating on behalf of Team Kylie to help all children with the disease.


celticknot.jpgUpdating MM's profile on local artists at Junebug time, we have some new information: According to Amy Brooks, the artist and  entrepreneur behind Paradise Custom Stained Glass in Metuchen, her work will be finding several new homes throughout our town in the coming months.

A Celtic Knot piece and a Hailey's Harp & Pub sign are both due to go up soon at the aforementioned Hailey's. What's the Scoop, which has had original ice cream bowls designed by Amy on sale there over the summer, will have some new pieces to show off by the end of October. New  work will also be featured in Westerhoff's Holiday Art Show on November 22nd from 3-5PM and an additional hanging at Century 21 was a possibility as of this writing.

Thumbnail image for haileysphoto.jpg

To check out Amy's eclectic examples of other work (a handmade piece would be a particularly special and unique holiday gift, no?), use this link. For more info on Paradise Custom Stained Glass, check out Teri Coleman's interview with Amy from June in our archives section.

Financial Aid Night at Middlesex County College, October 22nd

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A Message from Assemblymen Diegnan & Barnes;
Dear Neighbor,

As parents, we know the stress of worrying about providing the best education possible for our children whether it's elementary school or college.  Today's recession is making it more difficult than ever to save for a child's college fund.  Identifying available resources to help cover the costs of a college education can often be difficult or complicated.

On Thursday, October 22, 2009 from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm, we will be hosting a Financial Aid Night at Middlesex County College.  We will be joined by representatives from the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) who will answer your question about financial aid programs.

Jazz Night 2009

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The Metuchen Cultural Arts Commission Presents:

Jazz Night 2009

When:  October 23 at 7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00)

Where: Metuchen High School Auditorium Theater (400 Grove Ave)

Cost:    $5 per person, $12 for families of 3 or more. 

            Tickets available at the door



Nationally acclaimed jazz performer and composer, Rich Reiter and

Steve Kaplan's Occasional Quartet (featuring Metuchen musicians)


For more information, call 732-632-8502

President Bill Clinton to Speak Tomorrow Night

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If you're free tomorrow night and wish to see a former president speak to the Rutgers Democratic Club, check out this link and get your tickets to hear former President Bill Clinton speak about the State of the Nation and the upcoming election.

Metuchen Matters: One Year Later


This month we celebrate our 1st anniversary.  When we started, we believed the community could benefit from real time, interactive information and communication. We're still trying to figure out the best way to accomplish that but here are some of our stats from the past year:


·                 There have been 111,248 visits to the site

·                 13,334 of which are "unique users" (or individual households or business locations)

·                 We average over 10% new readers each week

·                 Readers come from 10 different countries and read us in 10 different languages(we've had 100 visits from Zurich Switzerland - go figure)

·                 Users connect via Cable 50% of the time, DSL 20% and 2.8% of you still dial-up


In looking back over some of our 669 posts, we realize the site documents what has happened in town as much as announce what is happening or will happen.  Our first snowfall last year came on October 29th, I'd forgotten that.  

Monsters and Aliens Invade Tommy's Pond Saturday Night

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monsters v aliens.jpeg

Come and see a FREE SCREENING of Monsters vs. Aliens on Saturday night, October 17th, at Tommy's Pond on Lake Avenue. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the movie after the traditional Halloween Pumpkin Float on the pond.


The show starts at 7PM. The event will be moved indoors to the MHS Auditorium if the weather is inclement. See you there!

the_big_rat.jpegUnion representatives from Local 78 were in town protesting the contracting firm hired to remove asbestos from the old Recycland plant, which will soon be the new Metuchen Sportsplex indoor sports facility.  A reader sent a copy of the flyer being distributed ( mm.AsbestosCompany.pdf) and told us that a big blow-up rat, like the one in this photo, was on site. 

Regarding the Replanting of Metuchen's Centenarian Vines

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Thumbnail image for Rink house on Graham 007.100.jpgIn November, applications will be available if you'd like part of the 100-year-old vine for transplanting--reader Jiradon Rader-Chambers, the creator of the project, gives us an update:

The Garden Club of Metuchen has been an amazing help for this project. Jeanne Coppola Giarratano is 100% behind this mission. So far Tyreen Reuter and the other members of the Borough Improvement League for the Old Franklin School has graciously allowed the vine to be planted on the grounds of the O.F.S. The GCM's Master Gardener, George Kuhne has been researching ways to go about the transplanting. Also Jeanne was in touch with the owner of the Renault Winery and he suggested taking cuttings to achieve the transplanting instead of digging up the vine. It seems that at this point we will be offering cuttings to the community and instructions on propagating the vine. Right now we are throwing ideas out there so nothing is set in stone but it seems that the cuttings possibility is the most viable. I will let you know more when we decide. Thanks, Jirapon

Buon Appetito - Not your mother's Roberto's

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From the Chamber of Commerce:

On Tuesday, October 13th, representatives of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce will be joined by Metuchen Mayor Thomas Vahalla for an official ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming Anastasios and Dimitri Aloupis, the proprietors of Buon Appetito.  Join us at 6:00 pm as we cut the ribbon and sample some of their menu items.


Anastasios and Dimitri first learned that the former Roberto's Pizzeria was for sale from a friend whose restaurant supply service told them of the opportunity.  After visiting Metuchen several times to get a feel for the town, Dimitri noted, "We just have to be a part of this community, with it's small town atmosphere and friendly residents.  I have been around restaurants since I was 10 years old and my father (Anastasios) has over 30 years in the restaurant industry.  Metuchen is a perfect fit for us."  

The Raconteur's Alex Dawson has directed a stage version of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Anthony Burgess' unforgettable masterpiece about the rampaging and redemption of a one barbaric 'bad boy'--it runs October 15-30 at Middlesex County College and represents a true intersection of many of Dawson's artistic imperatives. As he describes it, the show is bound to dig itself undeniably into your brain. Here are his views on the show and his responses to our questions about this work and others:

"Belching smokestacks, colossal clock cogs, the ribbed wreckage of a crashed zeppelin, all underlit by the blazing Fires of Industry, Dawson's steam-punk* version of Anthony Burgess's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE features a soundtrack of Beethoven symphonies screened through the fractious filters of punk, thrash, and techno, then scribble scratched by a goggle-eyed DJ sitting atop a scaffolded clock tower that rises fifteen feet above the boards. Using an aesthetic he describes as "Quadrophenia meets Brave New World," Dawson collaborates with mod Finnish fashion designer Anu Susi, abandoning the sleazy seventies vibe of Kubrick's film for a sort of industrial elegance: tailored suits, swine snouted gas masks, huge buckled boots and, of course, the iconic bowler."

Cartridge World Joins the Main Street Business Community

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Cartridge World, the largest retailer of cartridge refilling services in the $60 billion printer cartridge industry, is now at 469 Main, bringing the unique cartridge refilling concept to Metuchen.  Representatives of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce will join Mayor Thomas Vahalla in an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, November 3, at 5:15 pm. Light refreshments will be served to celebrate.


Metuchen Travel Soccer Recap

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From Metuchen Travel Soccer:


Metuchen Travel Soccer Club has started up their regular season on September 17th & 18th weekend.  Here are the results from the past two weeks:


Metuchen Fire U8 team lost to Elite Soccer Club 3-0 in their first regular season game.


Metuchen United U9 dropped their season opener 2-1 at Millburn.  The goal was scored by Courtney Little, her first for the team.  United was rained out of their game against Westfield Sky Blue.


Metuchen Blue Dawgs started their season with a pair of ties.  In week one action, the Blue Dawgs tied Monroe (3 - 3), with goals by Jack Hogarty, Arnof Agrawal and Ethan Lebovits.  In week two action, the Blue Dawgs and Flemington Panthers played a scoring fest (4-4), for their second tie in two games.  The goals against the Panthers were scored by Jack Hogarty (3) and Michael Cyan.


Metuchen Storm U10 girls beat the Berkeley Heights Bombers 2-0.  It was a great team effort.  Scoring were Chritine Laskowski and Paige Meadwocroft.

From Metuchen Pop Warner President, Glenn Shapiro:




Congratulations to all the cheerleaders on their performances at last weekend's Raritan Valley Conference Cheer Competition in Trenton.  Our Mighty Mite and Flag cheerleaders looked outstanding in their exhibition performances.  Metuchen Pop Warner's competitive squad, the Junior Midgets, looked awesome and took 2nd place in their division and will move on to the South and West Qualifiers in Trenton on Saturday, October 24th to compete for the right to move on to the Eastern Region Championships which are held in late November.   It was great to see so many Metuchen fans in Trenton making all that noise and we look forward to everyone rooting on our Jr Midget girls as they continue to compete. 


In football action...

Learn about the GREENWAY PROJECT at the FAIR

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On Sunday, October 4, the Environmental Commission hosted a brainstorming session to develop ideas for a Vision and Master Plan for the potential extension of the Middlesex Greenway.  A follow-up session will be held on  Wed Nov 18th from 7-9pm at the Senior Center but please visit their booth at the FAIR tomorrow for a showcase of the project and the chance to provide input.




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From Project Graduation Coordinators:

Stop by Project Graduation's "Brainy Boro Bookstore" at the Metuchen Country Fair on Saturday October 10th.   We will be showcasing books written by local authors and former Metuchenites. Buy a 50/50 raffle, a bulldog  pumpkin or sign up for "Evening at the Races"...  all proceeds to benefit Project Graduation Class of 2010.  


Project Graduation is a committee of parents who raise funds so that on graduation night our Seniors can celebrate their achievement in a safe, substance-free  environment. This overnight event is a long-standing tradition in the town of Metuchen.


There are many ways to support this worthwhile event---Evening at the Races, Sponsorship Opportunities - just stop by and learn about the "Brainy Boro". 

Body & Brain Offers Free Class to Celebrate Grand Opening

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From the Chamber of Commerce:

On Tuesday, October 13th, Metuchen Mayor Thomas Vahalla will join representatives of the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce for a grand opening and official ribbon cutting ceremony welcoming Irene Mak, of Body & Brain.  Join us at 432 Main Street at 5:15 pm as we welcome her to the Metuchen business community.  At 6:30 pm, Irene is offering a free yoga class and the public is invited to attend.


MHS Principal Search Survey

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What do you want our school district to consider when deciding on a new principal for Metuchen High School?  Click here to participate in a survey of what you think matters most. All residents are encouraged to share their ideas.  Responses are due by October 15th. 

Annual Metuchen Country Fair October 10th

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The Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that "great" things are in store for all who visit the 46th Annual Metuchen Country Fair, which is scheduled for October 10, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with rain dates of October 17 & 24.   Each year the committee chooses a new theme, with this year's theme being "Great Books/Great Authors".
Thousands of visitors will fill the four-block area on Main Street enjoying a variety of food selections and a feast for the eyes, with two hundred booths competing in a booth-decorating contest to reflect this year's theme.  Homemade crafts, face painting, interaction with M.C. Blue the recycling robot, and games of chance or skill will add to the fun. 
When visiting the fair this year, be sure to stop by the Metuchen Public Library where the Friends of the Library will be hosting a book sale offering real bargains on "great books" by some "great authors".

EMS Sponsors Haunted House Attraction Halloween Weekend

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2off-Coupon-thumb.jpgThe Metuchen First Aid Squad will host their first haunted attraction on October 30th, 31st, and November 1st.   With over 5,000 square feet, 2 great attractions will be presented for one low price.  The first attraction is "Grimlock Manor" itself, which will consist of multiple rooms, hallways and secret passageways to explore.  At every turn, experience scares and visual illusions that will send tingles up your spine!  The second attraction is the "Grimlock Cemetery and Walkthrough Crypt".  A guided tour will highlight the sites on view, including ancient ruins, the 'endless well', and, of course, the crypt.  Through the crypt is the entrance to the cemetery, with only a glowstick to guide your way! Ticket prices are $8 for adults (ages 13 and up) and $5 for kids (ages 12 and under).  25% of all proceeds will go directly to the Metuchen EMS, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing emergency medical services to the Metuchen community.  Visit www.grimlockmanor.com to view some of the creepy characters you'll encounter and look for a $2 off discount coupon for the an adult admission valid on opening night. Scary fun for a great cause!

Springsteen, Bon Jovi Tributes Coming to the Forum

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From a press release by Sean Loughlin:

The Forum Theater will celebrate New Jersey's two rock n' roll icons on Saturday, October 10 as the Bruce Springsteen tribute band The E Street Shuffle and the Bon Jovi tribute Runaway take to the stage for a one-of-a-kind concert event. The E Street Shuffle, which hails from Asbury Park, is a 7-piece ensemble that offers a note-perfect rendition of Springsteen's music along with an exuberant stage show to go along with it. Runaway is an Old Bridge-based band which has been delighting audiences for years with their top-notch tribute to Bon Jovi.

Asking For the Fire at the Westerhoff until October 29th

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9130_1216907415523_1013977669_675775_2602411_t.jpgAsking For the Fire, an exhibit of sculptural wall works by three East Coast ceramic artists, opened October 4th and runs through October 29th at the Westerhoff Gallery at 5 Calvin Street in Metuchen. Pat Timothy Caughy, a ceramics artist from Maryland (with an MFA from Pratt Institute), Joy Kreves (MFA from Illinois State University) and Metuchen resident Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella (MFA, Catholic University) have all created new works for this show. For further information about the gallery or the school, contact Mickey Waring, Art Director for the Westerhoff, at 732-548-8680.

The Honeywell Alert System being utilized by the Metuchen School District has already been used to alert school families to a host of announcements, including PTO meetings as well as H1N1 updates. Click here to sign up for your personal alert service--it can send you messages as phone calls, emails or text messages. You set your preferences and your password and you're set to go! It's a convenient and remarkably fast service to which  every home should avail itself. With the oncoming colder weather and expectedly difficult flu season, the Honeywell Alert System will help keep families informed as to the district's responses to whatever comes up.
Kids In Production will sponsor their annual charity spaghetti dinner on October 10th at St. Francis' in Metuchen. Great food and fun is planned, along with entertainment from the likes of the always fabulous Mr. Ray. The recipient of their raised funds this year is Bernadette Tardio, a local resident. Bernadette sent us this note, and we quote:
"I have lived with Neurofibromatosis type 2 for twenty five years, while it slowly and cruely robbed me of much of what I took for granted in daily living.  In those years I went from being perfectly healthy to being a completely deaf young woman, in a wheelchair, constantly struggling with pain.

My husband, Steve, and I are touched, humbled and amazed by the generosity of our friends, family, neighbors, and the local businesses in and around Metuchen.  We will always be grateful to our friends, family and our Metuchen family for making my life easier.

May God continue to bless us all.
Bernadette Tardio"

Comedy Night at St Francis

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From the St. Francis Cathedral School HSA:


HaHA.jpegLighten up!!  Join us for a Night of Comedy with Metuchen's own comedy sensation Andy Rehorn and NYC headliner, Buddy Flip.  Buddy Flip has performed recently at Comedy Central, on HBO, at Woodstock '94, and was a special Guest featured on Sesame Street Live.  This will be a night to remember. 


When:  Friday, October 16th at 8pm in the St. Francis Cathedral Cafeteria. 

Cost:   $15.00

Bonus!: The first 50 guests to arrive will win a fabulous door prize


All proceeds to benefit students at St. Francis Cathedral School. 

Contact:  Christine DeJianne at 732-463-2963  ickets or more information at 732-463-2983.

Autumn Programs Announced for Children at Metuchen Public LIbrary

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The weather is taking on that certain chill and the leaves on the trees are changing color so it must be time to find some indoor activities for your little ones. We suggest checking out this link and finding age-appropriate, free storytimes and other activities at the local library that will keep those tiny synapses firing under those fuzzy winter hats.

Metuchen Country Fair Postponed Until Next Weekend

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From the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce:


Due to the threat of inclement weather, the 46th Annual Metuchen Country Fair scheduled for Saturday, October 3, has been postponed until Saturday, October 10.


Caroline Woodruff

Office Administrator

Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce

Metuchen Technology - how can it work best for you?

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Councilman Justin Manley has asked us to help get the word out.  The Metuchen Technology Advisory Committee (formerly the Cable TV Advisory Committee) wants to learn how they can be most effective in helping our town make the best use of our communications technology.


Click here for a survey posted on the Borough Website.  You are encouraged to fill it out and send it to the Borough Clerk. With the results, the committee can best decide how to help now and establish plans to move us into the next phase of communications.


Look for the MTAC at tomorrow's fair as well, they'll have copies of the survey too.

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  • 3. Schools

  • 4. Recreational

  • 5. Charitable/Non-Profit Organizations

  • 6. Edison

  • 7. Houses of Worship

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