Is it possible to pick-up at both Campbell and Moss in the afternoon?

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Campbell walkers beware:  If you are selected for afternoon kindergarten at Moss School, you may spend the school year rushing from one school to another and chances are you won't arrive at one of them on time to pick-up your child as he or she is dismissed. 

A mom in this very circumstance has a meeting with Mrs. Sinatra to formally present her concerns.  Mirella Lomax invites parents in this situation to either join her at the meeting or email your thoughts to her and she'll present them to Mrs. Sinatra.  According to Mirella, "This has been an issue for years and now that I finally have Mrs. Sinatra's ear, I believe we can find a satisfactory resolution."  If you'd like to attend the meeting or would like to have your concerns heard, email Mirella at

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