Kids In Production's Ariel Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of THE LITTLE MERMAID

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Thumbnail image for mermaidlogo.jpgKids In Production present THE LITTLE MERMAID this coming Sunday (see the listings below for showtimes and ticket info--the show will benefit Habitat for Humanity, in keeping with KIP's policy to combine the arts with doing good for the community). Metuchen Matters, in keeping with OUR policy to get behind-the-scenes information from those in town making our local art and entertainment, spoke to Ariel (Alanna, age 7) about her role in the show.
How are you just like Ariel? How are you different?
We both like to swim and we both like to collect gadgets.  She likes to find cool places to hide things and I like to find cool places where I can hide. She has red hair, I have brown hair.  She is a mermaid.  She is really determined to do something, I am usually not that determined.  I'm pretty good at detecting danger, Ariel is not.  Since Ariel kisses Prince Eric, she must be much older than me.
What is your favorite song to sing and why?
Well my favorite song to sing is "Part of Your World" because it is the only solo that I have.
How hard was it to work on this production? Is there a lot of choreography? Give us a sense of what the show is like!
It wasn't that hard, but I did have to practice quite a bit.
Not that much because for 2 songs we only dance for half the song.
Well, it is actually very fun.  It is kind of exciting, but not as scary as the movie.
What would be the next role you most would like to play?
I would love to play the role of Flounder because Flounder sings alot in the song "She's in Love" and I would love to sing that song.

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