ME AND ORSON WELLES opens Thanksgiving Weekend in NY & LA

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meandow.jpegRichard Linklater's critically-acclaimed adaptation of Metuchen author Robert Kaplow's book ME AND ORSON WELLES will open in New York and Los Angeles over Thanksgiving weekend. The following weekend the film will gain a wider release and be available for viewing closer to home.

As Evelyn Finck wrote in the Friends of the Metuchen LIbrary newsletter, "Garnering much advanced praise, including Roger Ebert's assertion that ME AND ORSON WELLES is 'surely one of the best films about the theater that I've ever seen," the film features an ensemble cast led by Zac Efron, Claire Danes, and Christian McKay. The story takes place in November of 1937, and it concerns one whirlwind week in the life of 17-year-old Richard Samuels who, through a combination of good timing and sheer audaciousness, lands himself a small role in Orson Welles' modern dress production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar."

Congratulations, Robert, and we wish you great luck with the movie! And, if you can, read the book before you see the movie--we highly recommend it!

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