Rubin Looks Forward to New Term With Excitement & Thanks

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From Sheri-Rose Rubin:
"I am very excited to express my heartfelt thank you to so many Metuchen voters who gave their thoughtful consideration to this election.  I am also very proud of the the hard work our Committee and many generous volunteers have accomplished during the campaign. The support of thousands of voters means that you are willing to trust me and for that I feel a great responsibility.
We are facing difficult and far reaching issues in the next few years, but I am looking forward to the discussions and debate awaiting me on the Council. I have had the good fortune of getting to know the current Council members and our Mayor over the last few months and am confident that they will welcome me to make beneficial and productive decisions together.
Our campaign brought many new faces to the political scene and with them an encouraging energy and excitement.  I sincerely hope that we can continue to depend on all of you to guide us toward the future in innovative ways.
My husband, Seth, has been his wonderful self during the time-consuming campaign and our children, Sophie and Max, have learned a great deal about responsibility to their community and have stayed up late a few times too many.
Of course, a big thank you to Metuchen Matters for giving us a such an influential forum in which to reach so many people."

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