The 100-Year-Old Vine is Making New Roots at Old Franklin School

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Here's an update from Jirapon Rader-Chambers about the replanting of the 100-year-old vine rescued from destruction:

The Metuchen Garden Club with the help of D&S landscaping will be transplanting two of the individual grape vines to the Old Franklin School at the end of this month. The vine is quickly going dormant so it has a great chance of survival. We will also be taking many cuttings of the vine to ensure survival with some back up plants. At this time we will be offering a cutting to each individual or family that is interested along with directions on how to propagate the vine. Please have people respond to my e-mail if interested. I will compile a list and then get in touch with them as the time grows closer. We really appreciate all your help in this matter.

If you are interested, you can contact Jirapon through our site at

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