Written Bomb Threat At MHS Is Hoax But Raises Concerns, Stern Warnings from Superintendent's Office

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A notice released by Superintendent Terri Sinatra yesterday went home to all Metuchen district families regarding a written bomb threat uncovered December 15th at the high school. Police and fire units responded immediately to an emergency call as the school was evacuated. The school was given clearance by 8PM that evening. This morning members of the county sheriff's office and local police officers "were visible as staff set up a check point at the entrance to the building. Student backpacks were checked and each student scanned by members of [MHS] staff," the letter explained.

Sinatra stressed that an immediate police investigation was opened and that the perpetrator will be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as quickly as possible. Parents were urged to speak to students about "not only the consequences of these actions but also about the fact that threatening others in this way, even in jest, is wrong." In case of future threats, the evacuation and police and fire notification will be issued immediately. Hopefully, this particular incident will not lead to any others and the pranksters will feel the grave consequences of these unlawful and dangerous actions.

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