Charles Rink Remembered As Grapevine Cuttings Find New Homes

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As the grapevine finds several new homes, the Rink homested will be razed for a parking lot (that application is up in front of the planning board this month). Thanks to a devoted friend, the Garden Club, and some green-thumbed citizens, this one man's heirloom plant will live to bloom again, moving past the 100-year mark into the pantheon of Metuchen's living historical artifacts.

From Jirapon Rader-Chambers on the Charles Rink Grapevine Cutting Day:


We had such an amazing day! Charles' family was in attendance and were very touched by the event. I wrote a speech but did not read it word for word. Everyone was touched by the heartfelt words especially Charles' family. People came and went throughout the event as cuttings were picked up . . . The Garden Club of Metuchen was there, of course -- Jeanne Giarrantano, president, Christina Marcille, George Kuhne and other members, [as well as] Tyreen Reuter, president of the Borough Improvement League, Ken McPherson, the new owner of the Charles Rink House [who is turning it into a parking lot], and Charles' family -- sister Ethel Illuzzi and her husband Joe plus their two sons Joe and Bob, sister Irene Maskall and her husband Al plus their daughter Donna Miller [attending with] her husband Glen Miller. Roy Chambers designed a bookmark [to commemorate] the event

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