Fuce5K: 2nd Annual Date Announced

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From the Fuce5K Committee:

After a well attended and festive inaugural event, the Fuccile Foundation is pleased to announce we will be holding the second annual Fuce 5K on June 19, 2010.

The idea for the event was to raise money for resident families in need, support an active lifestyle for local youth and enhance families through shared experiences. In most measures the 2009 Fuce 5K was a success with 588 participants, including a high number of young adults and children, and over $25,000 raised for local families in need. The focus for the 2010 event remains the same and we are looking to the local businesses and community to help in our efforts to make the event bigger and better.

For more information regarding the race, sponsorship opportunities or volunteering, please contact the committee at www.fuce5.com, by phone at (732) 762-5420, or via email at fuce5fund@gmail.com.  The race committee members are Sally Ayotte, Michael Bradley, Scott Brooks, Stacey Derector, Nancy Fuccile, Jay Galeota, and Justin Manley.

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