Mona Lisa Tops in Design as well as Food

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sam & mona.jpgThe Mona Lisa stares at you as you head towards South Plainfield on Route 27--that glimmer of a smile beckons you to the cozy cafe/bakery. Like a little piece of Tuscany on Route 27, Metuchen's Mona Lisa Cafe has opened to rave reviews. With menus for all times of day and all manners of appetite, ample seating, their own parking behind the building and a pastry section that will keep you coming back for more (whether or not you grew up knowing what zeppole is or not), the Mona Lisa Cafe is sure to be packed every day, especially in the winter months.

It was a long time planning to bring this cafe to town. Christina Coutsoubelis Marcille and Spatial Forum designed the architectural exteriors and decor as well as the inside architecturals--columns, molding--and helped with the restaurant set up including meeting with David Moore to order the refrigerated display cases (a very nice touch).

In order to get a change of use, since that building was zoned as a print shop before, Marcille presented Jim Constantine, Fany Ayala and the rest of the Board with images and plans including parking layout site plan with gardens and the restaurant layout plan. The restaurant had to meet ADA accessibility and fire safety. Former Metuchenite Sam Hetzel (B.A. in Biology/Art at Lafayette College; MFA from Richmond, the American International College in, London) is responsible for the beautiful Mona Lisa painted right on the building.

Between the amazing array of Italian and Greek pastries, the really delicious pistachio gelato and the fluffy pancakes served with my eggs at breakfast time, I would venture to guess that the Mona Lisa Bakery has started a very successful run as one of our town's anytime-of-day get-together eating establishments.

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I do love "Miss Mona" on the side of the building! She does give a special panache to the own personal dream is for the owners to invite local artists to create their own personal versions of her in an ongoing exhibit INSIDE the Cafe! Wouldn't that just be fun!

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