Are You Gonna Go My Greenway? Bright Future for Bikers & Hikers

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pierson av3enue.jpgBiking/hiking enthusiast and erstwhile artist Lauren Rabinowitz sent us the following about the recent Greenway planning meeting and the present Greenway conditions for riders and hikers:


. . . {The} meeting.. . . was a great information session, where the environmental commission/borough planner shared visions of the plan for the Greenway and connecting trails/Dismal Swamp. Edison Wetlands Association and Triple C Ranch were also there, providing information about their programs and facilities. Some of the plans for the Greenway include: connecting trails into Dismal Swamp, nature walks, community gardens, art/murals and a trail center park with various facilities.

Pierson Avenue Greenway path picture courtesy of Lauren Rabinowitz--check out this link for more pictures from Lauren's rides


My daughter and I hiked a portion of the Greenway [recently] and we saw the most people (yay!) on it that we've ever seen outside of an organized event. I've found answers to Greenway questions through the Edison Greenways website. I've also attended some of their meetings and events. It was said that this year's annual fall Greenway hike will be the last muddy one, as the county will construct the paved path which should be in place by next fall.

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This warms my heart! Thanks for covering the meeting, O Cartoon Goddess! This is a really exciting project.

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