Another Pedestrial Victim of Careless Driving

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A commuter on his way to the train station was hit by a pick-up truck while crossing Grove Avenue from Woodbridge Avenue Friday morning.  More detail here.

Friends said a police officer actually saw the incident and was able to summon help immediately and issue a Careless Driving ticket to the driver. 

Our streets are crowded with so much busy activity.  Drivers and pedestrians, please keep aware.

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I saw the truck after the accident while out running. One big over sized black monster with ultra dark side windows. A sure invite at that hour of the morning to distracted driving or restricted vision causing accidents. Over 90% of all these accidents are just that.

I know the guy is thinking about it right now. Good luck with the 8K-10K in annual insurance premiums and the moniker MVA "Struck Pedestrian" on your driving record for the rest of your life. You earned it.

To me people are more important and a car is just as good as owning a gun so respect it like that or pay the price.

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