13 Photos by Judy Weinberg-- Reception at Rotunda January 16th

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Hooplight.jpgJudy Weinberg is the latest Metuchen artist to have a one-woman show at the Gallery at the Rotunda in Borough Hall. "13 Photographs" opened on January 4th and will run through March 31st. On Saturday, January 16, an artist's reecption will be held in the Rotunda and Weinberg will be available to walk the guests through the exhibit herself.

The thirteen photographs in this exhibit are mostly digital images. Often using her Canon EOS, Weinberg is able to capture spur-of-the-moment inspiration as she explores places, exotic and familiar. "Sometimes it's the conflict of what is occurring in that moment in that place that overtakes me and so I take a picture," she explains about her favored method of work.

Having caught the photography bug at the ripe old age of 11, Weinberg has culled beautiful images, captuing mundane images in a way that startles the viewer's imagination and changes the way this regular everyday thing is perceived. From Highland Park to Ocean City, from the piers of Manhattan to the colorful doorways of an Irish home, Weinberg takes aim at the pedestrian world and shapes it into a thing of art.

"Cass' Cabin" is the oldest photo of the bunch, taken while she was a student of biomedical communications in college (it was part of a project for school). Growing up in Highland Park and now living with her husband and son here in Metuchen, Weinberg appreciates and savors small town life but finds a lot of inspiration in larger cities to which she travels often--"Pink Door" is from Ireland and "UVA" is a series of archways from Mr. Jefferson's University.

It was Facebook and encoutering friends from long ago who got a look at her work online that made her start to share her work with an outside group--it was usually reserved for home and close friends only. But, as the Fates would have it, she heard about the Rotunda project and submitted ten photos, some of which are in this show,  and ended up with a one-woman show, to her great surprise. Seeing the show, no one else will be surprised that her work hangs proudly.

Aside from her unique perspective, her ability to enhance certain colors and the general light with digital technology has brought her closer than ever to a new version of her artist self. "Some things I want to chip away at," Weinberg said, referring to a series of photos she showed me of frozen berries at Tommy's Pond that were really beautiful, "but now I carry my camera so that I can catch [an image] as soon as it hits me."

Judy Weinberg's  work will be on exhibit through March. This will not be the last time we see her work in public, but try to catch this show while it's here.

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