MHS & Edgar Scores Affected By Higher State Testing Standards

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This report from the Star-Ledger gives the statistics for the NJ No Child Left Behind scores and some of our local schools scored lower than expected in one out of 41 areas for the first year since the program's inception. The article suggests that this is because of higher state standards--so, if the standards are changing, what changes need to be made soon to bump the scores in the next round of testing? Paul Piniero, Principal of Moss School and Curriculum Director for the District, discussed this occurrence at the Board of Education meeting as well as the Campbell/Moss PTO meeting on Monday night--he said that, basically, these schools, which have a braod range of students, including a very active special education program, are not able to have all students reach a median score on state tests because the performance levels of the students vary so intensely. But Piniero said the district is using this as an opportunity to revisit some of the departments which service these students to ensure that they are getting the best help possible.The Board of Education is in the midst of budget discussions at this time and had a marathon session last night, with a meeting that ran until 11:20 PM.

Nobody wants teachers to "teach to the test" --but if the state continues to follow these archaic programs, our school district and all others will have to keep putting all our eggs, our unique eggs, into one giant basket. And the district will have to continue to be as creative as possible in finding the balance between the well-rounded student we all hope our schools will put forth and the perfect tester that the state wants delivered to them in order to keep our funding flowing.

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What else is new??? Our schools rankings drop in NJ Monthly, less of our kids our going to 4 yr colleges and our school leaders will blame testing, standards or anything else but themselves...then they will ask for more money. Life is about test and performing so our schools better get with the program. They have good students and supportive what's the problem??? Maybe it's time for the school leaders to look in the mirror.

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