Q&A: Kat Davis, Theater Games Teacher, at the Forum

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This is the second in a series of Metuchen Matters profiles about Forum instructors . . . as we'd like to help bring visibility to the revival of this historic Theatre and its goal to enhance our community's access to the arts through live performance theatre, musicals, concerts, films and more.

Q&A with Forum Theatre teacher, Kat Drinane Davis

When did you begin teaching at the Forum?

·        I taught classes at the Forum for three years - from 2002 - 2005, so when I heard that they were hoping to re-start the education program, I was delighted! 

·        This past fall, I taught Theatre Games and Stories for grades 1 - 3. There were 8 children in the class, and they each contributed a unique imagination and personality!

What was the most inspiring or fulfilling moment for you as a Forum teacher? 

·        My most fulfilling moment this past semester involved a child who challenged my authority passionately - but we worked it out. On Halloween, he came running up to me while my family was trick or treating and almost knocked me down with a huge hug. He became a very happy student and a pleasure to teach. 


What class will you be teaching at the Forum this coming semester?

·        I will be teaching Acting, Games and Improv for grades K - 8, and maybe also for high school ages. 


What is your prior experience with this subject / expertise area?

·        I have a Masters degree in Theatre from Hunter College and have taught acting and creative drama for more than 20 years. Currently, I am the director - and I often teach - at the Neighborhood Playhouse Junior School in NYC. I have been there for 15 years, and it is fun to see my former students have successful careers and lives.


What made you decide to teach at the Forum in the first place?

·        In 2002, my middle son was old enough to be left with a sitter, and I was ready to teach locally.  So I approached the Forum with a plan to start a high-quality program so people wouldn't have to travel to the city for classes. I was happy with the enthusiastic response from the community then and now.


What is your longer-term hope for the Forum?

·        I see the Forum as a center for creative people! There will be children taking classes, young adults discovering their talents and abilities, people engaging in quality movies, comedy for adults, volunteers helping out, family shows, senior events - in short, a place for the community to come together and flex their creative and intelligent muscles!

·        The classes have so much potential. Young people learn so much from acting and creative drama - social and emotional skills that can be even more important than raw intelligence. I have seen so many young people gain confidence and pride in themselves through acting and performing. When we give our child the gift of an arts education we give them so much more than a chance to shine for a semester - we give them the tools to shine for a lifetime.

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