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This information was forwarded to us by a reader. If you are interested, please follow the instructions below:

Thank you for your interest in the Metuchen CSA, registration for our 2010 season is about to begin!  Attached to this letter is our information (on the next page)  and application (  csa-member-application.doc).  If you have any trouble opening the attachments or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 732-321-0365, Some of the main points of information:

1.  The season is 24 weeks long.  The cost for the entire season is $565 ($23.54 per week) due by April 1.  There is also a $5 cash site fee due at the first pick up.


2.  A deposit of $100 will hold your spot, but the balance is still due by April 1, 2009.


3.  Each member is required to sign up for 2 work shifts.  Each shift is 2 hours.  The shifts are: 4-6, including helping to set up the site, beginning weighing out some veggies, and overseeing the site for 2 hours; and 6-8, including overseeing the site for 2 hours and helping to clean up.  You can sign up for 2 shifts the same day or on different days.  There is also an option to "buy out" your work share by paying an extra fee.


4. There are a limited number of shares available.  Last year's members received a priority registration period.  Open registration begins February 15, 2010.  Applications should be sent in early and processed on a first come, first served basis.


5.  You should receive an email confirmation when your application is received.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  After February 15 you will receive an email stating if you are accepted into the CSA.  If you are not, your check will be returned. 


6.  If you are interested in splitting a share and don't have a friend to share with, let me know.  I can't guarantee anything, but I will try to pair you up.


If you are no longer interested in the Metuchen CSA and would like to be permanently removed from our mailing list, just reply and let me know.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. 


Thank you,

Tracey Gelber (CSA administrator)



Read this CSA Flyer for more info::



Community Supported Agriculture

With John Krueger


      What is CSA?

The basic idea of Community Supported Agriculture is that a farmer grows for a group of members who have purchased "shares" in the harvest.  Members pay at the beginning of the season in March, when the farmer most needs the money.  When the crops start coming in, in June, the farmer delivers a weekly assortment of vegetables, herbs and some fruit.  This is not a co-op, there are no wholesalers or distributors.  100% of your food dollars go to the person who is growing it.  You support sustainable local agriculture and get freshly picked organic produce at reasonable prices.  In addition, you know the farmer growing your vegetables and can visit the farm - establishing a personal connection with your food supply.

Members pick up their share at a distribution site one afternoon a week.  Everyone contributes a few hour shifts during the season to help with set-up, pick up and clean up.  The site looks a little like a farm stand with vegetables in crates and in coolers.  Members weigh and bag their own shares.  Kids can help or play while you chat and swap recipes.  The pick-up becomes a place to bump into friends and meet new ones, a chance for kids from different schools to say "Hi" and an opportunity to compare notes on roasting eggplants.


             Who is John Krueger?

John Krueger is the owner/operator of Starbrite Farm. He has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Cook College, and was a co-founder and an officer of the Cook Organic Gardening Club. In 2002 he began working with Richard Moran at Starbrite Farm in Hardwick Twp. NJ.  In 2003 he began working with his first CSA group in Montclair, which he still serves.  Over the years he has acquired additional leased fields in the vicinity of Starbrite Farm in order to meet expanding demand. In 2007 he began leasing an additional 7 acres from Good Hand Farm in Andover Twp; and in 2008 he leased an additional 6 acres in Andover as well as additional greenhouse and barn space. In 2009 John served 5 CSA groups totaling about 300 members.  He also sells at two area farmer's markets.

2010 Season



Asian Greens     





Broccoli Raab    





Celeriac              Chard               


















Summer Squash




Winter Squash



What Does it Cost?

A share is $565

Members are expected to contribute 4 hours (2 shifts of 2 hrs each) to help with distribution.

A $5 site fee is payable in cash at the first delivery.




The season is 24 weeks long and begins in early June.

Pick-up is from 5- 8 pm on Thursdays.

The pick up site is in Metuchen.



Membership Includes:

A weekly assortment of 6-10 varieties of organic produce,

Newsletters about the farm,

Introductions to others who enjoy the same foods as you, and

New ideas on how to eat your veggies



How big are the shares?

The variety and the amount in the share depend on the season and cooperation of the weather.  You can expect a gradual increase in volume and variety as the season progresses.  How many it feeds depends on how often you cook and how much you like to eat your veggies!

Sample weekly shares include: 

June                             August                        

- 1 head lettuce                       - 2 pounds potatoes

- 1 bunch broccoli                  - 1 head lettuce

- 1 lb English peas                 - 2 heads garlic

- 1 bunch bok choy                - 1 pint cherry toms

- 1 bunch kohlrabi                 - 4 tomatoes

- 1 bunch radishes                 - 1 lb green beans

- 1 bunch greens                    - 2 summer squash






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