Keeping Cars Off the Street Helps With Plowing--Mayor Asks for Your Help!

The blizzard certainly hit our town hard and more wintry weather is expected this week. The Mayor, on behalf of the DPW, made a pronouncement (actually, it was more like a plea) at the last Borough Council meeting asking for cars to be parked in driveways, parking lots and on lawns, if necessary, to keep them off the streets when the DPW has to do serious snow plowing. The maintenance of our streets as well as the convenience of all of our neighbors in having access to a clean street during bad weather are important factors to keep in mind when we're all trying to keep our lives going when Mother Nature gets on her high horse! If you have any questions about where you should park your vehicles, address them to the Mayor's office or Fred at the DPW.


Ann, I think you are right on the mark. Jana, the reason the Mayor sounds like he is pleading is that he is being nice and he really wants to avoid issuing summonses. That is easy and expensive. Blowing and shoveling snow into the streets as is done in New York or Newark is a big no no in any suburb in New Jersey. This isn’t New York, or Newark or Jersey City. MPD is very nice, but I would not push it. Also, not cleaning your side walk should earn you a citation. Seniors, take the Mayor’s advice. Ask and please don’t be embarrassed or too proud for help. Ask one of your neighbors for help. If they do not do it for you. Sadly there are some that won't and that has to change. We love having you as neighbors, or ask the Mayor/Council for help. They know a few students who will do it for you. That’s what a community is all about

If you have room in your driveway and a neighbor doesn't, think about allowing them to park in your driveway. Keeping cars off the street really helps. We are lucky on our street. Our neighbors make an effort to stay off the street. However, last storm someone who doesn't even live on our street parked in front of my neighbor's house and it really made a difference in the quality of the plowing, they couldn't go curb to curb as they usually do. I would also suggest you refrain from snowblowing or shoveling into the street. I see that so often, the plow goes through, the street is clean and then somebody decides to clean all the snow from their driveway and sidewalk by throwing it back into the street.

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